Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our New House (in a few weeks)

A few people have asked for pictures of the house we are going to be moving into here at the end of the month.  We are SO excited about it.  It does have a lot of work, it was built in the 70s. But it has good bones, great location, and 3 1/2 acres to go along with it.  We are pretty happy about it.   I just took a few pictures the other day with my iPhone, but they give you the general idea.

If you are facing the house, over by the barn, this is our field and looking over to our neighbors to the right (or East).  Our neighbors have lots of horses, and a really well-kept home and barn.  That is always nice. 

If you stand in the field, and look South this is your view.  

This is our driveway, it leads all the way down to that road.  And it is all ours!  I think the kids will love riding their scooters and bikes on it. 

Tadaaaa!  This is our new house!  

 This big tree in the center of the circle, reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa Milligan's tree they used to have out front.  

This is the left side of the house.  The house straight ahead in back of us, belongs to some of our really good friends.  The shed type looking thing is actually part of the house, a sunroom area.  The field on the other side of the fence is partly ours and leads back to the street. 

Here is the field and another view of our driveway and that field on the right. 

Driveway and field to the left.  

Our neighbors with the horse property. 

This is our backyard, complete with Apple that! The pasture behind the trees was used for horses.  We will have to figure out what we want to do with everything. I don't think we are adding horses to the mix anytime soon...we first have to get our monkeys under control.  

This is the back of the house. 

That horse pasture I was talking about behind the backyard. 

Walking around the back yard, you can see the barn up there.  

This was also used for horses, it needs a little work. 

I can't wait to paint the barn, and clean it all out.  

Well, that is our new home!  We are pleased as punch.  I never dreamed to have all that land, PLUS a house.  I think it will be so great for the kids.  I am so grateful to live in a place that you can still afford to have some property even if you are not a gazillionaire.  Sometimes I do envy city living. There are definite pluses to other lifestyles and locations.  However, I think this place will be perfect for all these hooligans to explore and roam and hopefully work too.  My kids will walk down our driveway just like this, to catch the bus.  

So, if you are wondering what happened to my 100 Days of blogging....well, it didn't happen.  But, I decided, it doesn't look like life is slowing down anytime soon here.  So, if I want to keep a record, I better learn to squeeze it in somewhere.  Now, I better get packin'!

PS How about that blue sky?  Almost 80F in October?  I will take it!