Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July

When the 4th of July is over, it means Christmas is right around the corner.  Just to get you in the mood I thought I would finally do a Christmas recap from last year.  I am festive like that.

My favorite part of the Nativity was the star...that's Lauren in the yellow jumpsuit. It makes me smile whenever I look at this picture! 

Isabelle played Mary, Luke was Joseph, and of course Benson played Baby Jesus. 

Holden's Wiseman costume was pretty snazzy and as you can see we had some very reverent shepherds. 

13 year old boys...what can I say?

Happy Angels...

The firstborn grandchild holding the last born. 

We got a special visit from Jeris, a friend that is like family. 

Three is a magical age at Christmas.   

The Grand Marshals of all the Holiday Festivities. I think by the time this night rolls around they are pretty tired.  We try to make them think it is worth it by giving them nice little gifts like these.  

I am forever taking pictures at family gatherings, Ryan caught me in action. 

I was getting snapshots of this chaos. 

After another memorable Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house we came home to open one gift under the tree and get to bed. 

James loves snuggling with mom AND taking selfies.  This was pretty much a Christmas Dream Come True for him.  (not!) 

Annie is not big on dolls, but she is big on the nightgown that comes with a matching one for your doll was a win for both of us.   (I love seeing her edited about playing with dolls!)

Grandma is so nice to let us tornado through her house the night before Christmas, that way we can leave things peaceful and tidy for one short moment before the chaos begins at our homes the next morning.  Looking back at these Christmas pictures really makes me miss our maroon and peach walls....not.  I have to admit they are nice and cozy.  We have not done much to change the house since we moved in, but we did finally paint the area pictured here, and I can't believe what a change it made! 

Can we always have the breakfast table set like this the night before?  

I was so excited for Christmas Morning that I had to peek and see if Santa had come when I heard something that night...sure enough, he had! 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!