Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleeping babies

I love a sleeping baby.  Sophie looks so sweet.  I love her red lips, long lashes, and how her hair gets all sweaty and curls.
When I found out I was having my first girl after four boys I spent days looking for JUST the right crib set. 

It still looks pretty new after almost four years, huh?  Oh, that's right, my babies almost never sleep in it. 

Here is Annie's bed...she actually does sleep in it now.  But this is often how I find it in the morning...where's Annie?

Oh, that's right, there she is.  This is Annie and Sophie in our KING size bed.  How do two LITTLE girls manage to take up the entire bed?

Good thing I think they are so cute when they are sleeping!

When Annie starts waking up she moves closer to Sophie.

I woke her up with my photo shoot.  But, hey, it is a good day...she has a smile!

 Luckily I was right there so I could swoop Annie away before she woke up Sophie. 

Every time I have a baby I swear I am going to get my babies to sleep on their own- in the crib and on a schedule!  I even read all those "getting your baby to sleep" books.  I hear lots of testimonials from other parents.  I go to the pediatrician and they tell me my baby needs to be sleeping on their own in their crib. I know that you are NOT supposed to nurse your baby to sleep.  I end up nursing them all to sleep.  After six kids, I am just accepting that the whole crib thing just doesn't work for me.  I know it is my choice, and so I can't really complain about lack of sleep.  I rock all my kids to sleep every time, until they quit taking naps.  They all sleep in bed with me.  When they are really tiny, and fresh from the hospital (which is about 9 lbs for my babies) I don't keep them next to me all night, just since they are so tiny.  But after about two weeks, they pretty much sleep with me.  I used to feel guilty about it and wouldn't even tell some people.  Now, I don't really care.  People told me on my first few babies, "oh, when you get more you won't do that anymore because you can't."  What I can't do is put my babies in the crib and let them cry.  Now, don't get me wrong...all of them have slept in the crib SOMETIMES.  James and Michael slept in their crib completely after about 8 months.  The others, not so much.  All have at least taken some naps in the crib.  All of my kids eventually move to a bed and do just fine.  They all still love to cuddle and lay with us  though and I love that!  (Even my 13 year old!)  You gotta do what you gotta do.

Good night, and sleep tight.  (Sleeping tight...that's how we role, since our bed is so full.)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pinewood Derby and Leprechauns

I think either Ryan or I have been serving in some manner in the Scouting program for as long as I can remember.  We have four boys, which means four scouts, which makes out to TWELVE Pinewood Derby cars over the years.  So, I know that I am not supposed to think this....but I strongly DISLIKE Pinewood Derby time.  The whole making cars things is one big stress everytime.  We are not really crafty in the car-building department. We have some pretty funny stories over the years...but usually one thing you can count on is that Dad will be pulling some really late nights leading up to the event.

The actual night of the Pinewood Derby is a lot of fun and I guess maybe it is worth all the hassel!  This year our Cubscout leaders did an awesome job putting together the whole event. 

Derby Desserts

Yummy popcorn for the spectators

James and his sleek black car. 

Michael's first Pinewood Derby!  He also wanted his car to be black, but he couldn't put on the decals he wanted because it would have put him over the weight limit.

I love how intense the boys are as they watch their cars for the first time to see how they do. 

James was pretty happy...this was his last year of doing the Pinewood Derby and he placed first on most of his races.  In the end he got 3rd overall-Yay!

Well, one more Pinewood derby down, FIVE more to go! 

A few days later the boys spent all afternoon making a Leprechaun Trap for St Patricks Day.  They left it out the night before. 

Unfortunately, that Leprechaun was too tricky and they could not catch him!

He just used the bathroom and made a mess!

Lucky for us, he did leave some treats...Lucky Charms for breakfast and some bags of "Gold" sprinkled with rainbow pieces.  

Friday, March 23, 2012


Yellow has always been my favorite color.  When I was growing up my room was yellow for years.  I thought it was such a beautiful color for as long as I can remember.   I remember telling my friends in the 80's, "It is perfect because it matches with your pastels OR bright colors."  What could be better? 

If I had done the whole bridesmaid thing for my wedding...yellow would have definately been my wedding color.  (As my Mom had at her wedding, should have found a picture!)

In the late 90's this book really made the rounds.  Do you remember it?  In college we would all take the "color test" and we would refer to everyone by their color.  (I don't think they recommend "labeling" people by colors after reading the book again.)

Most people are a mix of colors.  I was always pretty much straight up YELLOW.  (Ryan was also heavily yellow, so together we are a bit of a nightmare, but we have a lot of fun!)  I think as I have gotten older I have become more organized, more committed, and a little less happy and fun all the time.  However, I probably am still pretty YELLOW. 

(Wait, what was that about "failing to develop the depth necessary to contribute substantially to society"?  I beg to defer.  The part about failing every diet they ever start....guilty.)

Anyway, I have been adding lots of yellow around the house because it makes me feel happy.  (And if you remember from my observations in the 80's, yellow matches everything!)

One of my favorite songs is even, Yellow, by Coldplay. 

What is your favorite color?  Hope you are having a yellow sort of a day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love was in the air...

What?! It is almost Easter!  Where does the time go?  There was lots of love in the air this Valentines.  I love Valentines Day.  It breaks up dreary winter month of February. I love any excuse for a holiday!  Decorating, treats, love in the air, what is not to like? 

Here are Annie and Sophie posing for their "Annual" Valentines Day pictures.  (Since Sophie is only one, this is only our second one, but I think it is a good tradition.)

Michael and Luke really got into making holiday crafts this year.  These sun catchers were made at Grandma's house.

More treats and decorations...


After a little encouragement, my Dad decided to host us all for his annual Valentines Day Dinner.  Since they were on a mission, the dinner has been on hold for a few years.  We were glad he decided to keep the tradition alive.

Annie was very excited to go to the party!

My Dad cooked us a delicious steak dinner, complete with salad, potatoes, and yummy shrimp.  My Mom actually does a lot of the work in the decorating department. Each person had their own plate with a card that people could sign telling what they love about that person.

With such a big crowd we need three tables...

Beautiful sunset that night...

A highlight of the evening is when Grandpa passes out the roses.  He gives each girl in the family their own rose.  ("Do you accept this rose?"  "Yes, I would love to."--just kidding, no one pretends it is The Bachelor, just me.) The boys don't get roses, but each person comes up and everyone says nice things about them. 

Thanks, Grandpa!  We love you!

Even William is feeling the love, giving Sophie a little hug.

My favorite thing is getting sweet Valentines from the kids.  Luke made this almost life-size picture of me to hang on my wall.  Thanks, Luke!
Love those sweet messages all around the house...

Mostly I am thankful for my #1 Valentine, Ryan! (Every picture of him has Sophie in it)

Even though it is almost Easter, hope you are feeling some love in your life today!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Reunion

This past weekend, the last of our little Kansas/Military group of friends got married.  This is where the lame part comes in....I don't have ONE picture of the bride!  Kara looked SO beautiful too! I We did some quick pictures at the beginning of the reception, and then we got too busy talking and I missed so many pictures!  I also didn't get any of Jill and her cute kids.  The wedding was so much fun.  Growing up in the military we all moved every couple years or so.  We lived in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas for three years.  At this point in my life three years seems pretty short!  However, the friends I made in Kansas still remain like family to me.  Whenever we get together, it is like time has not passed and I can't help but feel the love. Seriously, these people are my favorite people in the whole world.  

How cute is this couple?  Everytime we see Matt we mention how lucky he was to find and snatch up Brooke.  Matt is looking so dapper and about to become a distinguished surgeon.  Brooke is now a mother of four, a photographer and fitness expert.

 Everytime I see Sarah I forget how beautiful she is!  (I also cry that I don't live closer so she can do my hair.)  Her and hubby Ryan are now the proud parents of FOUR boys!  Sarah, did you ever think we would both have four boys?  Who knew?

 Sister and Brother Caldwell.....Sister Caldwell=amazing seminary teacher.. Everytime I see her I think she should be wearing this little wooden necklace with a sun on it.  She would wear it every morning when teaching seminary with a cheery smile on her face.  (At 6AM!) She taught us the Old Testament and we love her.  She has not even aged!

Sarah and Lisa-love these girls!

I really wish I had gotten a better picture of Eric.  (Big Brother of the bride)  He was so busy being the "Wedding Entertainer" that I could not even get a better pic.  Seriously, anyone in Alaska, if you want a FUN wedding, this is your man.  He was like a DJ/Wedding Singer/Dance Instructor.  He is so good at this, I think this is his calling in life.  I told him he should be a zumba instructor.  He was like "Left foot, stomp, right foot, stomp, quarter-turn, shake...."  He looks just the same as High School, minus the big rugby shirts and pleated pants.  It was so fun seeing Eric after like 10 or so years!

Ahhh...the Lamonties.  These guys have not aged either.  I just love these two. 

Me, Eric, Matt, and Heidi

 Ahh....Matt and Ryan (other brother-of-the-bride)  Nice beards, guys.

The ladies...

Some of the parents of all of us crazy kids.

I don't know if it was just that I was so young, but I never remembered how tiny these ladies are!  They are little miniatures.  (What are you guys? like 4ft)  Even though they are so small, as my Young Women's Presdent, and Seminary Teacher...they had big influences!

 On first look, this is a picture of my sister, Heidi, my Mom and I.  On closer examination, it is a hilarious picture of Matt trying to be a wierdo in the background.  So funny.  Matt still makes me laugh so hard! All he has to do is say one word or give a look and I am cracking up.

 Thanks for the fun memories friends!  Kara, you had a beautiful wedding.  Sorry to all those I missed in the pictures.  We missed all the friends that could not be there...Palmers, the other Lamonts, and Adams, everyone from Leavenworth.  Now that we have no weddings in the near future, we are just going to have to make up a reason for a reunion.  

PS  At the wedding I kept thinking how we have not changed a, I was sure right.  Look Matt....we look EXACTLY the same!  :)