Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Fun in St George

We didn't keep a tight schedule while in St George.  It was after all, our first week of summer vacation. We tried to get out each day though and see something new.  One day we went to see the home of Jacob Hamblin, a Mormon Pioneer. 

Every night when I tuck the kids in bed, I say pretty much the same thing that my Mom said to me.  

Good Night, Sleep Tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite...

The missionaries that gave the tour showed us how they would beat the bed bugs out of the feather comforter with that rolling pin above the bed.  Then they would pull the bed tight and roll the feathers back out.  

I am always amazed at the conditions our ancestors lived in for hundreds of years, and today we would find it such a discomfort!  Jacob Hamblin was the same height as Ryan is and this bed looked pretty tiny.  I think he would have had to sleep diagonally on there. 

Joshua supporting Annie again outside the home. 

 The early pioneers were some hard working, tough folks.  Life was hard, and Jacob Hamblin was not spared from any adversity.  He dealt with a wife that left him and his children and later losing his sweetheart/second wife to death.  (Not to mention just the regular trials of being a pioneer.)

It you are wondering where the other kids were on this little excursion, we left the three boys back at the condo.  They kept fighting and we had given them many warnings.  I was sad they missed seeing the house because I knew they would have liked it.  :(  

Later that night, our good friends invited us to their beautiful home to swim and have a BBQ.  I think it was the highlight of the trip for the kids.  

It is always fun to see Suzie and Sharon.  Suzie's little dog is so cute. 

The kids LOVED the waterslide. 

Annie wanted me to get a picture of her doing a Karate Chop into the water. 

The Burrs are so kind and generous to us!  The kids loved their pool and toy room.  Brother Burr fixed us the yummiest meal of hamburgers on the grill, corn and the cob, watermelon, and french fries.  (We are still dreaming about those french fries...)  It was so fun to catch up with them!

We enjoyed taking walks and small hikes around St George.  The kids would quickly find walking sticks, rocks, and treasures of the path, and of course you could not beat the scenery! 

The kids can't resist that red dirt! 

This little girl needs some practice in the hiking department.  She likes to skip and dottle along along the path for a few minutes and then quickly requests a ride.  

Despite Joshua passing out from low blood sugar, a fun time was had by all! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cold Weather and Family Gatherings...

I still have not quite caught up on the month of May.

We have a lot of May birthday's around here.  We celebrated with our cousin Sadie on Mother's Day.  I like that Joshua is so into singing Happy Birthday to her here. 

On my Mom's Birthday a few of us were able to sneak out and have lunch.  It was tasty. 

Later that evening, all the cousins and family gathered at Orange Leaf for some Birthday Frozen Yogurt.  Yummy.  

Happy Birthday, Grandma!  (Grandpa's birthday was earlier that month too.) 

Aunt Melissa keeping some of the troops under control! 

I think this picture is my favorite.  I love David's face and I can just see that Jennifer is passing on some funny story here.

I think London and Annie are catching up on the latest here too. 

Thanks for the yummy birthday treat, Grandpa! 

On Memorial Day, we had a little BBQ around the fire pit in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. 

Roasting hotdogs is hard work!  (Really the smoke from the fire was blinding our eyes.)

It was a tasty and fun gathering.  What a great way to kick off summer vacation!  I can't believe we are already a month in.  Did I tell you that I love summertime? 

Sometimes the beginning of summer can look like this around here-
Really, that was taken at a soccer game and it was technically still Springtime.  Still...it was CHILLY. 

I can't remember if I posted this picture already.  (I know I did on Instagram.)  Anyway, Annie tagged along with me while I helped with Field Day the last week of school.  If you live in Idaho, don't put your coat away until well into June. 

We have really enjoyed watching this little beauty on our way to and from town for the past month.  Yesterday he was running from his mother, doing figure eights between the trees. It was so cute.  Reminds me of some of my little ones. 

The first few weeks the mother never left her baby's side.  If the baby was sleeping, she would just stand over it.  She patiently waited for her baby to stand, walk, or feed.  There is no worrying about schedules, no rushing the baby along, you can tell that baby's well-being is the mother's only priority.  I think as mothers of little humans we could learn some lessons from watching mothers in nature.  (Then again, this horse doesn't have to worry about vacuuming her field.) 

It is a beautiful time of year here, and I am just trying to soak in every day of beautiful green fields, and amazing sunsets.  

Now, I must be like that good mother horse and go tuck my little chickies in bed!  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day to Grandpa and Papa!

This year Ryan is in California for Father's Day.  I had planned on posting this novel/tribute earlier in the day, but let's just say I had some technical and logistical difficulties.

I first wanted to wish my own Dad a Happy Father's Day!

My Dad and I on maybe my blessing day?  (With sisters Jennifer and Heidi)

Heidi, Dad, Jennifer and I on my first Christmas. 

My Baptism 

My Dad sharing some of his grapefruit with me.  This reminds me so much of Ryan and our girls.  They do the same thing, especially with grapefruit!

A fishing trip with Michael, David, and Dad. 

Could be Father's Day circa 1989?

Ski trip back in the day.  I wish I had that van right now.  :)  All that travel space seems dreamy.

This picture was actually taken at the hotel the morning of my wedding. You can tell we both still look a little tired.  :) 

 Walking to the wedding, with Ryan and my Dad.  Due to the time of the ceremony, we did pictures before.  (Do you like my black shoes?)

I am so lucky to have had such a great Father!  Thanks, Dad for your wonderful example and all you have done for me.  I love you!

If things would have worked out I would have had some more pictures of Ryan's Dad from back in the day.  I do have a few....

I just love this picture of Ryan and his Dad because it shows how they really are together.  Ryan's Dad loves to get you to break a smile and a laugh is even better. 

Not only is he a great Dad, but an awesome Papa. 

Ryan with Cade and his Dad at a Giants game...1997.

This was the first weekend I met Ryan's Dad...he was so kind to me then and all this time later I love him even more!  Happy Father's Day, Papa!

And now a journey of Ryan over the past 14 1/2 years of Fatherhood....and this is a journey of pictures for sure, but I wanted to give Ryan something to reminisce about while he is away.  

Joshua on his blessing day.

Papa came for the occasion, despite the fact that he thought Joshua's hat was a little goofy.

Grandpa was there too...

Little Joshua just hanging out with Dad. 

He grew fast...

And then James came along and Dad learned to hold two babies instead of one. 

James and Dad near Monterey or Carmel, I believe.

Despite the pristine scenery, when you gotta go, you gotta go, and Dad is always willing to help you go.

Dad loves holding the babies.  This was when James had burned his little hand on the outside of the oven.  

I can't get these pictures in order without spending hours...so just pretend I put the slideshow on shuffle.  
Annie with Dad. 

James and Dad.  

Love you, Dad!

I love how Annie is looking at her Dad here. 

The kids LOVE to wrestle and horseplay with Dad...(pre-Sophie.)

No one is more fun than Dad in the pool.

 Dad doing some high adventure boating around Lodi Lake with Luke and Michael.

One of my favorite pictures of Annie and Dad. 

This one is even better...beautiful Bear Lake in the background.

Happy Birthday, Dad! (Rainbow Chip Cake and the only candle we could find.)

Dad is always good for a hug when you fall down at the beach.  (Avila Beach, CA with Annie)

But he is even more fun to tackle at the beach.  (Huntington Beach, CA with Annie and Luke)

Annie and Dad at Temple Square during the holidays. 

Dad loves all the help he gets around the house from these little ones.  

James, Dad, and Joshua in Maui. 

These guys are lucky to have a Dad who is lots of fun to ski with. 

And I know they are really happy that he is fun to bathe with too...ha, ha. 
 (Joshua, James, and Michael)

Dad and Michael in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard. 

Another cute one of Michael and Dad. 

One of our many trunk-or-treats over the years.  (James and Michael)

Easter with Dad.  (James, Michael, and Joshua)

The Ferris Wheel at California Adventures.  I think James and Joshua were really enjoying themselves. 

Boating in California with Dad...those were fun times.  (Joshua, Michael, and James)

Dad keeping Sophie warm in Park City this past winter. 

Walking home from the neighborhood park shortly after Luke was born.  (Luke is in Ryan's arms.)  I love this pictures too.  Just reminds me of those days when the boys were all so little. 

Ryan gets stressed when a baby is not happy, and he will do anything to soothe him or her.  (Including running up and down stairs, doing squats, rocking and walking, whatever it takes!) This is Luke, just a few weeks old and his first trip to Bear Lake. 

 Michael and Dad swimming at the Pool.  (Bear Lake)

This is Dad's favorite activity...snuggling with a baby and going to sleep. (Luke)

Dad and Joshua riding on the Polar Express.  

Dad, with Luke in his jacket and I think that is James up front.  Enjoying a little snow hill in Tahoe.  Now that we live in Idaho we know what real sledding hills are like. 

Dad keeping Luke happy in the airport...looks like he was doing a good job. 

Dad and Luke in Maui.  Yes, we took four boys under the age of eight to Maui.  Yes, it was the Hawaiian Vacation of your dreams.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  We had free flying vouchers and we actually had a great time.  Thank goodness Nana and Papa came along! 

Luke and Dad catching some rays at the pool. 

Our last night in Maui...hanging out with Dad. (He sure is looking good with that Hawaiian tan!)

I don't know where I was during this fun little outing. I would bet they were with Nana.  (James, Joshua, and Michael in the back with Dad)

Dad and Sophie at Grandma's Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  I have pictures of him just like this with the five previous kids.  

Dad taking care of Sophie at Bear Lake

Waving to Mom from the Ferris Wheel (with Annie)

Dad and the kids at Olympic Park

Dad took time out of his busy work day to go to Preschool with Annie at Christmas.  They had fun and he was the only Dad there. 

I love this picture of Ryan, Papa, and the four boys playing a little ice hockey at Bear Lake in the Winter.  (It is part of their cultural heritage passed down by Papa, the foreigner in the family.)

Rewind...back to baby Michael.  Michael was the happiest baby ever. 

Ryan getting ready to baptize his firstborn, Joshua.

James and Dad relaxing at Grandma's over Christmas Break.

Guys night out in Las Vegas!  (James, Joshua, Michael, and Luke)

Who ever said Dad wasn't the outdoorsy type?  Here he is scaling the Sierra's with Luke on his back no less.  (w/ James and Michael)

Another Mountain Adventure...this time up Logan Canyon right above Bear Lake.

Luke shares a July birthday with his Dad (and me too!).

Taking Luke for a ride at Pismo Beach that summer. 

One of many Cub Scout Derby's.  I can't believe how small Joshua is here!  

Dad and the boys enjoying a Sunday Walk near San Diego.  

Dad enjoying Sea World with the boys.  Our last vacation together as an ALL BOY family.  (I was due in a month with Annie.)

Dad knows all kinds of cool stuff, like how to catch hermit crabs at the beach.  

Dad's are just fun to explore the world with.  (Uncle Michael is bending over there in the right corner-he is a great dad too!)

I love that Ryan makes an effort to take the kids to Museums and Historical Sights too.  He loves learning about the past and how different people have lived. 

I love that Dad doesn't let the stress of vacationing with small children get in the way of going places!  If he has to scoop up a child having a tantrum on the beach and run them all the way back to the car, he will do it.  The child in this particular picture having a tantrum is Michael. 

Dad and Luke on another little hike. 

Dad and Sophie when we took the kids to tour the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. 

Another baby, another blessing day.  This time it was Annie.  

Dad is never "too cool" to strap on the Baby Bjorn-and he looks pretty cute too.  (Annie)

Dad and the boys at Avila Beach, I think this was in the Fall of 2008. 

Halloween with Dad.  (CA, 2008)

Dad is really not a fisherman, but he will do anything to let the boys have an experience and spend time together.  (I had to include this picture to show he actually went fishing with them!)

Everyone loves the beach!  (Annie with Dad)

Joshua, James and Dad

Dad and James-our second born getting baptized. 

Dad reading to Michael and James at Nana's house.  The kids love to read with Dad!

Joshua and James having a blast with Dad at Disneyland.  (Our first and only time going the kids remind us all the time.)

We feel lucky to have a dad that has guns of steel.

Lego Land wtih James and Joshua....

Dad and Sophie, he has really taken advantage of holding her every change he gets!

...and she loves him for it!

Michael and Dad

Joshua and Dad looking for whales. 

Out having fun on Papa's boat. 

Dad is always happy to take care of the kids during Church.  

And you can often find him during his down time like this....

We really missed doing THIS with Dad this morning, so we will have to make it up to him when he gets home.  I bet his Mom took good care of him though!

Here we are right after Luke was born.  Dad is a champ and doesn't shy away from the whole delivery thing one bit.  He always becomes best friends with all the nurses and doctors and I end up getting special treatment.  Nothing compares to that moment when you meet that little one straight from Heaven and Ryan makes it perfect every time.  He LOVES being a Dad. 

Who can resist these little chunks?  Those cheeks of Luke's are to die for.  Each baby that comes along is always his favorite.  He has spoiled them all equally at this age. 

Here are a few last shots from a week or so ago taking a walk in Zion's National Park.  Not much changes, still carrying kids on his back, just different kids.

And he REALLY got extra credit for this hike because to put it nicely he had upset bowels.  He still carried someone at all times.  THAT is a good dad!

Another family walk while in St George....thanks for all the memories, Dad!


You are the best Dad in the whole wide world.  

Thanks for all that you do for our family.  We can't wait to see you!

Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss, Little Hug, Little Kiss, 

(A little Nacho Libre for you.)