Thursday, February 19, 2015

I don't know what I am waiting for as far as keeping current on my blog!  I keep waiting for the never-ending projects and daily tasks to end and then maybe I will have time to sit down and catch up, to edit photos and  organize them.  Well, NOT HAPPENING.  I guess something is better than nothing.  It's so much better to do a little each day, than to not do anything.  That's the story of life with just about everything...finances, scripture reading, cleaning, exercise, and projects.  Little acts added up each day amount to a lot.  So, here is a picture dump from my iPhone this month, leading up to Valentines.  

Carly's family took a family picture every Sunday growing up.  Michael and Carly have continued the tradition in their own family.  I think it is great to see how the kids and the family changes week to week.  I have not been that great at it...trying to get all my kids to pose for a picture is like herding cattle.  However, this was the ones I did get a few Sunday's back.  

Selfie with Sophie to send to Dad. 

Poor Cousin Pierson, and poor Sophie, I see heartbreak on the horizon.  She talks about Pierson everyday, all day.  She put on this jacket and thought it would look so great for Pierson.  (It actually got her to start dressing herself this month, so It was good motivation.) 

I found her practicing faces in the mirror, and wish I could have snuck in so she would not have seen me! 

Another thing about Sophie, besides a serious cousin crush, is that her most common phrase is, "I hungry."  She is hungry ALL the time.  She doesn't like to eat a lot at once, she is a grazer for sure...but she is always on the look out for what comes next! 

Ryan always wants me to take a picture of myself to send him since he is out of town.  I always feel dumb doing it.  I thought this one was funny, cause Pierson back there was doing the serious posing but I didn't realize it until I looked back at these pictures. 

I think he appreciated this one the most...Pierson and Sophie told me what to do. 

Annie had her first "real" tooth loss.  The one up top she knocked out when she was two.  Now she has a nice big space there and she looks pretty darn cute! 

This furniture came with the house when we moved in.  Since we still had a ton of furniture in the storage unit is was time to move these out!  I sold them on Craigslist to the cutest newlywed couple from BYUI.  

Ryan and his parents arrived here from CA and his parents surprised us with two nights at a hotel.  It was nice to get away and get a good nights rest.  (The second night Ryan worked until 530am, but I got a good rest!)  Joshua was grossed out that we were going to a hotel, the thought that his parents might get busy if they got out of the house was too much to think of.  Ha ha. 

We had our monthly FHE at David and Melissa's this month.  Uncle Michael had an awesome lesson about putting on the Full Armor of God.  Here is the group telling us about the Breast Shield...

The swords were definitely the most popular item.  

This was my group...we had our feet shod with righteousness and peace. 

Nana was a great help to the kids...she always jumps right in to help.  (More to come on their trip here.)

Ryan, James, Michael and I had to leave a few minutes early to get Michael to his Priesthood Preview.  I caught this picture as we were leaving.  It was beautiful! 

I have about 20 pictures just like this on my phone.  They make me smile and crack me up whenever I find them.  It is like having a camera in the mirror.  You gotta love when kids take Selfies with your phone.

We did a lot of moving from the Storage Unit.  Papa put everyone to work and we got a ton done!  Tyson (the Cowboy) came to help out for a bit.  It is so nice having strong boys around to help out.  They found their Air Soft Guns they had lost so that was their reward. 

We took Judy to Costa Vida, but the only picture I got was cute Benson. He is the best baby. He just sits so good and smiles.  Such a sweet boy. 

Making Valentine Boxes was on the "to do" list.  It was so nice having Nana around to help supervise activities like this and keep everyone on task! 

At Zumba we had a Valentine Special Zumba and you better bet Angie and I got all decked out in every shade of pink and red we could get our hands on.  (That is Chelsea and Lacy, Melissa's sisters back there too!)  We had so much fun.  I can tell I have not been working out so is it that you lose your fitness level in a matter of weeks?  Okay, it might be a few months.  I need to step it up! 

 Well, that's my Recap up to Valentine's!  I love pictures.  I have been organizing my really old photos and finally putting them in albums.  It is so fun to see old ones and amazing how they bring back things you had forgotten.  I am so grateful to live in a time that we can take pictures galore even if organizing them stresses me out.  :)  Happy Thursday!