Monday, March 24, 2014

Memories through the Years with Heidi

When I am really behind in my life….my tendency is to want to do nothing. But alas, I know from experience, that doesn't really help.  So, I guess I will start somewhere.  How about first with a big LATE 40th BIRTHDAY to my sister, Heidi!  I was trying to find new pictures that I didn't use for my sister Jennifer's Birthday, back here.  I am sorry, Heidi, the 90s were just not a good look for us.  I swear most of the pictures I found were really terrible.  

Like this one circa 1990…what is going on people?  Jennifer was off at the BYU, and she might be grateful about that.  Michael and David are looking pretty cute.  Heidi looks good.  Me? When your bangs are as tall as the entire length of your head, that is when you know a terrible fashion mistake has been made.  Oh, well, good times...

Jennifer graduated from High School in Belgium.  She left straight to college when we moved to Kansas.  Heidi and I became a lot closer here as we spent her last two years of High School together.  I have lots of fun memories at church, seminary, firesides, and dances with her.  Back then we just didn't take pictures like we do now, so the few we have are really lame.  I still think this one is funny, because it just shows us (or more me) goofing around as normal.  

Here we are at Heidi's High School Graduation with Dad.  

This was my 16th Birthday Party, at you guessed it, Girls Camp.  Thanks to Heidi and my mom, they surprised me with a little party and I REALLY was surprised.  Heidi was always taking care of me through those years and beyond. If I needed gum, Heidi had it.  Clothes to borrow (or steal)…Heidi.  Spare change?  Heidi.   She was always responsible and organized and I depended on her to  help me out of any situation.  (Probably not the most healthy thing, but what are big sisters for!?) 

After we moved from Kansas, we moved into my grandparent's house for a summer.  Mornings began like this…all dressed up and wide awake for family scripture study.  This must have been on my birthday again.  Heidi is cuddled up with her baby blanket, as usual.  (She still sleeps with it.)

Warning:  Another hideous picture.  (Mom, you look good.)  This was at my Senior Commencement Dance.  Where did I get my dress?  It was Heidi's Prom Dress from a couple year's earlier…thanks, Heidi!  I am pretty sure I borrowed every single dress I ever wore to a dance.  That is what you get for being girl #3.  

Before you ask yourself about Heidi's mushroom cut in the above picture….remember the year was 1993/1994.  Think "Sleepless in Seattle".  

Remember Sam's first wife?  We thought she was so cutting edge and chic?  When I see this picture of Heidi, especially in that loose flowing dress, it just reminds me Sam's wife in the movie... 

Hey, I am no Meg Ryan, but in looking for a picture of Sam's first wife, I found this picture. I would say my dress is pretty close there!

Now jump back about 12 years…here we are in Maryland I believe. 

Heidi, cousin Rebecca, and I.  (Logan, Utah)  
We were in my Grandma Adams's front yard during a vacation. Of course, we were doing some sort of play.  

Thirty years later… (Gilbert, Arizona)

Over the years Heidi was always supportive of me in track, cheerleading and gymnastics.  I still remember in 6th grade she told me she would buy be a shake from the local Burger King in Germany if I won my mile race.  I didn't win, but she still cheered me all the way.  It was fun to be able to pay her back last year after all the times she cheered for me!

Love the bangs here…a little rabbit hunting trip with my Dad when we lived in Colorado.  Someone in the store took this picture of us.  

Heidi and I (Just loved that little kitchen set!)

Probably my least favorite picture of us…taken in Turkey.  I kind of wish we had adopted the local fashionable Burka at the time, it would have hid our scary hair. At least we brought our Liz Claiborne purses with us to the Mediterranean

Probably my favorite picture of us...

Thanks for all the laughs...

Happy Late 40th Birthday, Heidi Ann!
I LOVE YOU LOTS! Thanks for all you have done for me through the years! 

I hope that this next decade brings much happiness and joy!  


  1. Such a great post! Happy Birthday Heidi! I think for the big ones you get to celebrate all year! I loved seeing all the old pictures and just for the record, I was always super impressed with the bangs all three of you had going on! There was always a picture of you guys hanging on our bulletin board or somewhere.

    Love you both!

  2. The first picture is the time we spent together and looked "just like yesterday!" It reminded me of the pure skill that Heidi demonstrated well here of balancing a necklace out of the top of turtlenecks to cascade down the front. Add that to her talent list...