Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Sunday

The girls left for California yesterday to see the family there.  I told myself I was going to catch up on my blogging this week!  Things have been so busy, I have gotten rather behind.  So, rather than back track too much…I thought I would start off with our Easter.

It started off rather early since we have church at 9am.  

As usual, the Easter Bunny was up late the night before getting things together.  Why does it always work that way?  I was NOT in the best mood because I didn't have our usual Treasure Hunt all planned out, and was stressed even thinking about it.  Nothing happened before Church.  I felt fine about that. I really wanted them to focus on why Easter is such a special holiday.  This year we talked about it all week leading up to Sunday and I felt like it made a difference. After Church I had their Easter baskets all together and decided to forgo the usual hunt for the sake of my sanity.  

It worked out fine.  Not one child complained.  (Except Annie did tell me a few days later when that she did not like what she got in her basket.  Thanks, darling.  So kind of you to let me know.)  I ended up having each child come in my room one at a time and try to figure out which basket was theirs.  Then I sat them on my lap and told them a little about the meaning of Easter and how much I loved them.  I think they liked the attention and it made up for the lack of Easter Hunting.  Next year, however, I think I am going to to a regular hunt.  I missed seeing how excited the little kids get.  What do you do for Easter?  My mistake is I started off doing elaborate treasure hunts, so I feel the need to carry on the tradition.  Why do I do it?  

What was in their baskets this year?  The usual eggs stuffed with store bought Easter Candy.  They usually get a few treats they don't get very often.  Nana gave them each something new for Spring…a swimming suit, clothes, stuff like that.  We really missed our California Family.  We have lots of fun Easter Memories spent there.  It was sweet of them to think of us too on Easter!

We need some extra Easter Baskets…some were lost in our move and never were replaced.  This whole basket is really not full.  

This guy really looks like he scored.  It was all really equal of course. 

James was asleep during the whole get-your-easter-basket-moment.  He got his later that night.  

I think next year it will be a regular old hunt.  And no more cool stuff, that adds up in $$.  I don't think they care.  We shall see. They really are more excited about the hunt they have at Grandma's House with all the cousins.  

We headed over to Grandma's late that afternoon for dinner.  Man, makes me hungry just looking at all that food. 

It is tradition to all line up for a picture.  In the past the adults have done it too…but we have such a crowd, we were happy to bow out.  We always miss the other cousins when we do this.  :(  

Best age ever. 

Joshua was pretty excited this year because he scored the egg with the most money, despite Grandma's new system to hide the money.  The hunt was pretty genius….thanks, Grandma!

Everyone surrounding the master-of-ceremonies, Grandma, as they look through their candy to find secret codes and collect their cash prizes.  

Annie didn't make out too well this year.  She left her shoes inside by the back door when she came to dinner.  There were lots of prickly things out there and so she mostly tiptoed around and didn't collect too much candy.  This was her face for the hunt…poor girl. 

One thing about Luke, is he is almost always contact with whatever he gets. I love that. 

Annie is always happy to be with her cousins.  

A sweet neighbor from down the street came and spent the evening with us.  During the hunt he chatted with Grandpa. 

London and her brothers who turned THREE today.  Happy Birthday, boys!

Sophie was loves the horses.  We have to be careful because she doesn't have a bit of fear and will try to go right into the pasture to talk to them. 

Michael enjoying some of his loot. 

One of my favorite pics of the event…Jennifer is telling Mom some story and I love how dramatic it looks. hee hee.  I had someone take a picture of all the moms, but it was seriously like the worst picture ever.  Your welcome for not posting.  

James slept right up until we left for Grandma and Grandpas…this picture cracks me up.


It was a treat to have Easter so late this year.  Spring does not come early to Idaho and so when it falls early in March it makes for a cold hunt!  It was a beautiful day and despite stressing over needless and unimportant things, it turned out just lovely!  Happy Spring!

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