Monday, March 2, 2015

Halloween in March

Well, since it is March now...I thought I better hurry and get blogging about Halloween!  Seeing the leaves and grass from these pictures makes me wish Spring would come.  I don't think I ever mind Winter, until I see pictures and see how pretty it is the other six months of the year!

Halloween at the Elementary School is always so fun.  Pierson and Olive came to join Avery in her first parade at the school.  

We are pretty lucky to have cousins at school with is Isabelle.

Gunnar and Luke

I am Michael's Room Mom this year, but we were able to pop in Annie's class and say hi.  

Olive was pretty sad when she realized she would have to go home after the parade and not stay for the parties.  Who can turn that sad face down?  We talked her mom into letting her stay for the festivities for a little while longer. 

She snapped right out of it. I love Sophie's expression under that hat.  

Michael's teacher is Ms. Anderson and she is AWESOME.  All the 5th grade teachers were characters from the Wizard of Oz.  

The kids did relays, played games, and made
 caramel apples.  Michael's booty got in the way sometimes, but he had fun with it.

Sophie and Pierson taking it all in...

Even Benson came to school! 

After School it is off to trick-or-treat at Grandma's House. She feeds us dinner too.  
Pretty good treat. 

Grandma and all the Grandkids except for the Arizona Crew.  :(  

 Grandma and Baby Benson

It seems every year there is a "hit" character or costume.  This year it was Elsa from Frozen.  In our family alone we had three.  They were pretty cute I must say! 

I guess we really had FOUR, because even our cousin Amelia in Arizona was an Elsa too!  

Annie decided early on that she wanted to be a Cow Girl.  She had exactly what she wanted in her mind and pretty much got her costume together.  Luckily, Sophie went along with the plan. 

Cutest Cowgirls I know! 

Our crew...Luke (Army Guy), Michael (Old Lady) Gunnar (Gandalf) Joshua (Teen Dad Since he is holding Benson.) James (Nerd), Sophie and Annie (Cowgirls)
We did pretty well considering we had been in our new house ONE DAY.  The entire house was in complete disarray and chaos. I had no idea where the real costume bin was even at.  

Luke wore Grandpa's real Army Jacket and Boots. 

This little Cat Lady had some serious junk in the trunk. 

Gunnar is Gandalf.  I love this picture. 

Joshua is really growing up.  He didn't dress up this year, so when he posed for me holding Benson, I told him that could be his costume...Teen Dad.  (That would be a true Halloween Nightmare!)

Abigail and her friends were "Three Blind Mice".  

Loved Emmaline's Costume too!  When I was about this age I was obsessed with Poodle Skirts and would have loved to wear this outfit!

Cutest Pippi Longstocking!  (I think Benson was the hit Halloween Accessory)  

James was a last minute nerd...

Soaking up every minute of her new favorite holiday. 

Carly somehow had a baby in October and also managed to hand make the two Elsa costumes.  Way to go, Mama! 

Luke and Gunnar have been trick-or-treating together since first grade.  They always manage to bring home LOTS of loot! 

My Soldier Boy. 

From Grandma's we headed to the Church for the Trunk-or-Treat.  The fastest Candy Dash you will ever see. 

I love to see neighborhood and ward friends all dressed up.  This little guy was one of my favorites.  I think of him like this now whenever I see him! 

More great visiting teaching partner and daughter pulled this look off a little TOO well!  They were awesome. 

I LOVED this Maleficent Costume, and I love the girl wearing it. 

I had a pretty awesome costume too...

 And the last picture of the night...the kids literally asleep in the car.  They were exhausted not only from a day of parties and a night of running the streets in search of the most loot..but a crazy week of moving.  It was another great Halloween to add to the books! 

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  1. That picture with all six plus baby by the tramp is a keeper!