Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A sad farewell to our "half"...

Well, we no longer have our "half of a kid".  I guess for now the half will have to be Ryan.  :)  In mid-December, after much thought...we gave away little Jack to a really nice guy living in Utah.  He has a female Jack Russell Terrier already and it seemed a great fit. I have to say I REALLY miss him! (I know all my family will roll their eyes.)  It has been nice not having to worry about him knocking down the Christmas Tree or getting into the kids gifts, but whenever I see pictures of him I still feel sad.  I was feeling too stressed between having a baby under the age of one, and then a new puppy.  Joshua was the most sad at first, but lately they all have been saying things like, "yeah, Mom gave away our dog....".  I was trying to teach them, that Mama's have to choose their kids over animals sometimes. Here is a fond farewell to our sweet little Jack that we had for 3 1/2 short months.

Here is Jack being held by Joshua on his first day in our home.                                                         
Doesn't he look innocent!
Sophie really liked him and would get so excited when she saw him and start bobbing her head up and down and panting.
 Luke would run back and forth, round and round with Jack.  Looks like they wore each other out!
 Joshua was not going to be with us when we took Jack to Utah so he said goodbye that morning before he left to school.  Due to this photoshoot he missed the bus and ended up getting to spend a little extra time with Jack in the car.
 Here is Anne playing with Jack.  She was fearless with him and was fun to watch!
Like the action shot?
 Sophie and Jack checking out the crazy lady with the camera.
 Even though we had the kennel, I kept Jack on my lap the whole way down to Utah.  I wanted to spend every last minute with him! 
 He would nuzzle his head in my jacket and go to sleep, how cozy is that!? (I know, all you none-dog people don't get it.)

Overall, 2011 was a GREAT year for our family.  As far as dogs go, not so much!  We miss both Max and Jack.  

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