Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Sunshine Part 1

We headed down to sunshine and blue skies in Arizona for the week of Thanksgiving. Not only was half of my family down there, but half of Ryan's family.  It was great to be with everyone.  Heidi and Travis hosted the big dinner in their beautiful home.

Thanksgiving morning...here we are finishing up breakfast and gearing up for the big day.


Thanksgiving morning is particularly stressful for the kids. They played wii in their PJ's and watched movies.  Little Avery is hanging out with the boy cousins...she came up from Califonia for the big weekend.

I love these pictures of James and Nic...oh, the concentration! 

You know when James is really tuned into something because out comes the tongue!

Love that toothless smile, Michael!

After lots of work in the kitchen we were finally ready for prayer.  Uncle Travis requested that Aunt Heidi do the honors.  (Which she thought was unfair since she had the honor of cooking all day.) Here she is telling me, "Okay, put the camera down, time for prayer!"  

My cousin Rebecca took so many pictures and these following ones of the food are some of my favorites.  You know I love food.  I made these sugar cookies.  We also had pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, apple pie, chocolate cream pie, and pecan pie.  Not to mention cheese cake, caramels, and fudge.  We decided next year we should just stick to sugar cookies.  They seem to be a bigger hit around here than the pie.

I insisted on making cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.  NO ONE around here eats cranberry sauce...what!?  I have to admit I like it better the next day with cold turkey.  But it was pretty much just the cranberry sauce and me.

Aunt Heidi makes some YUMMY mashed potatoes.  They are creamy and not too "heavy" (you know what I mean?)  I wish I could grab a spoon and dig into this pot!

Aunt Carly made a boat load of rolls in Califonia before she came and they were DELICIOUS.  We had to hide a few bags from the kids!  :)  These rolls are my mom's famous rolls, and they are hard to live up to, but Carly delivered!

Chloe and Sophie

This is just a shot of a busy kitchen.  Aunt Heidi's house is great for hosting a large crew.

The boys table.  If you are wondering what Michael has, it is a turkey bone that has been licked clean.  He has a fascination with bones. I often find frozen bones in the freezer. ???

 I thought this was so funny.  Aunt Carly served Pierson his plate of food and then put him in the dining room at the "adult table". However, the adults were taking a long time getting their food, so little Pierson just sat all by his lonesome...just him and his turkey.

Rebecca took shots of us eating at dinner.  I am eating how I usually do, with a baby on my lap.  Does holding a baby stop me from eating, no sir.  Wondering what Ryan is doing?  Describing the delivery of his 6th child, Sophie. Before you think we are totally crazy...Priscilla (Travis's cousin) was at our table and she was due to deliver a baby ANY MOMENT.  So, crazy as it is to be discussing at Thanksgiving dinner, we were swapping birth stories.  Appetizing, huh!?

I love this picture of the little kid table.  Annie's face is especially funny.

Little Pierson, Aunt Carly, Uncle Michael, Jarret, Priscilla, and our famous photographer and cousin Rebecca.

Ryan was exhausted after all that cooking.  (hee-hee)

Nana, Papa, Uncle Dane, Aunt Melanie, and Great Grandma came over that night for dessert.  It was such a treat for us to have Great Grandma down from Canada. She is one hopping Great Grandma! Here is is holding Sophie, who is very happy after her nice nap with Dad.  Annie was not very ethusiastic about taking a picture-she needed a nap!

The older kids played football all afternoon.

Holden and Joshua-check out that green Arizona grass!  I love it.

 Thanks again, Rebecca, for getting these shots.  I think I was inside eating pie. I know the kids had a great time.
It was a GREAT Thanksgiving!  Big thanks to Heidi and Travis for opening their home, and all the yummy food, and great company.  We made lots of great memories.  Stay tuned for Thanksgiving-Part 2 tomorrow. (If I get a chance...my Christmas Cards just arrived so I think that will keep me busy!)

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