Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Book of Mormon and Water

I am the Personal Progress leader for the Young Women in our ward.  This is great because I also get to work on my Personal Progress, which are basically just goals to help you become a better person.  One of the goals is to read the Book of Mormon from start to finish. I have done this several times, but the past several years I have mostly just studied by topic...and that is when I study at all. ( I know...Pretty terrible!)  I swear I am so ADD sometimes that the thought of sitting down and just READING scriptures seems so hard.  Having a goal this year to read the Book of Mormon start to finish is just what I need.

And you know what?  When you dive in and actually read (not just here and there) it is like reuniting with an old familiar friend.  (Some of you may not know this feeling since you never leave your familiar friend, I don't recommend it.) It made me think of a refreshing drink of water.  I often think I am hungry, and so I will try everything in my fridge or pantry and I don't feel satisfied. Then I foolishly realize that I was not hungry...I was just thirsty!  Ryan tells me this all the time, because he drink a ton of water.  This is probably more so because I am nursing...I have a baby depending on me for some serious liquid, and so I need to drink that water even more.  I realize at the end of the day I am completely dehydrated! 

So it is with the scriptures.  So often when feeling unsatisfied I go looking everywhere...I read books, magazines, blogs, television...and often in the end can be left feeling still unsatisfied.  Then when reading the scriptures I think, duh, I was not "hungry" for all those other things...I was just thirsty and needed to read the scriptures.  The answer seems to simple, and too boring!  (Just like water)  When I am nursing and have someone that needs me, I need to up my water intake.  I had an epiphany that as a parent my babies are "dependent" on me for my spiritual "liquid".  So often at the end of the day I realize I am "dehydrated" so to speak, and don't have much to give.

So, don't get me wrong...I need my "food" in both instances.  I am not going to stop eating, reading and watching TV.  (This is a presidential year, my favorite time ever for politics!)  But I AM going to focus on trying to get in more Book of Mormon time AND drinking more water!  I know I will be better off physically and spiritually for it...

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