Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Sophie Rose!

I can't believe that it Sophie is one year already!  You might want to only read this post if you have a minute (or more like 20).  I couldn't help it...I tried to narrow the pictures down, but it was too hard!  Here is a review of her first year! 

I was induced on January 17, 2011.  Ryan thought it was perfect...it was his half-Bday!

Sophie Rose came out with the chubbiest little cheeks ever. We didn't know if the baby was a girl or boy...it was a great surprise to find out the kids would have another sister.

8 lbs. 13 oz.

The kids were so excited, and we came home a few days later. 

We had lots of visitors!  Here she is with Aunt Jennifer and Isabelle.

We went and got her picture taken professionally.

We took lots of our own pictures pretending we were professionals!

This bouncy ball got a lot of use!  I would put the boys to work bouncing Sophie up and down.  We quickly discovered she was a tad bit fussy.

Everyone took turns! (Sometimes they were a little more excited than other times.)

Sleeping alone in the carseat was rare.

Sophie, Anne wanted to hold you ALL the time, you didn't always appreciate it.

When Sophie was almost three months she made the trek to California to meet Nana and Papa!

She even got to play cards with Great-Grandma Critchlow!

When we got back to Idaho, Grandma could not believe how much Sophie had grown!

Our little Sophie Rose...AKA the Easter Bunny.

Sophie's first Easter Egg Hunt...Brrrr!

Getting older...

Sophie took a trip to Park City in June...

and then it was to Bear Lake in July.  Here she is with Anne before Church.

Grandpa and Sophie at Bear Lake

Sophie laying out on the deck in one of the cousin's sleeping bags.

Sophie loves Dad!  She gets so excited when she hears his voice or sees him in the morning.  She will start breathing fast and bob up and down.  All those days and nights of rocking her the first half of her life paid off! 

I am glad she likes Mom too!

More love from Annie...

Here Sophie is on her six month birthday!  (Remember...she was born on Ryan's half-bday!)  Like how Ryan is holding her while she sleeps as he blows out his candle.

More fun at Nana and Papa's...6 months.

Spending time with Presley, Aunt Michele, and Nana.

Bath Time in Nana's Sink

 Family Reunion in August.

Hanging out by the pool with Grandma...

Laughing over Chloe's shoulder

Here is the whole family...Sophie is about 7 months here.

The boys all went back to school in September and then the girls took over the house!

Sophie is lucky to have so many cousins that love to hold her, sometimes she is too fussy, but it is fun when she is willing!  (Here with Emmaline)

I think this was one of the last times with the Binky..she won't take it anymore, and I was pretty sad about it! I know in the long run it is much easier that way, but I miss having something to give her besides me!

Sophie was able to go back to Bear Lake in September, at almost 8 months.  Here she is with Michael on his 8 YEAR birthday.

Sophie lent lots of support to James throughout his football season!

Sophie was a Bumble Bee for her first Halloween.  She quickly discovered that she liked the candy!

 Here I am trying to get Sophie to walk to me.  She starting taking steps around 10 months.

While in Arizona, Sophie got to visit with her Great Grandma Bogren down from Canada at Thanksgiving.  What a lucky girl!

Sophie had two dogs come and go in one year.

First Christmas...

Ringing in the New Year with cousin Chloe...

Here is Isabelle encouraging Sophie to walk.  Even though she knows how to walk, sometimes it is just easier to crawl!  (Especially when we are trying to get pictures!)

What a year it has been!  Even though it has flown by, we can't imagine life before little Sophie Rose!  What would we do without her? You would think by the 6th child we would have her on some sort of schedule...but nope, not so!  We hold her LOTS, and yes, she still sleeps with us and still nurses. But hey, she is walking and um, that is about it.  She is our sweetheart, and we love her to pieces.  They sure change fast in one short year!  We are happy she is still nice and chubby and we can squeeze and kiss her lots.


  1. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!! We wish we were there to help you celebrate.

    Love, Your AZ cousins

  2. She's a keeper, for sure! Add me to your blog list: mcdflory.blogspot.com I can't believe you look so good one year later. I always have such a hard time losing the baby weight and four in four years isn't my figure...if you can call it that! :) Michelle Pierce Flory

  3. Happy happy birthday!!! You are such a cute little girl!! We wish we lived closer so we could hold you!! Love you!!!!