Thursday, December 5, 2013

Report on Letting it Go

Today I had a few things that might have normally caused my blood pressure to sky rocket…just a little.  But I wanted to report that I really tried to LET IT GO!  I decided I would report on how I did because it gives me some accountability if I have to document how I reacted.

  I will share just a couple…

James had one of his mornings and would not get up for school so he missed the bus.  When I have to take him and Joshua to school it seriously sets me back an hour in the morning.  If they catch the bus, they are gone by like 810 and I have until usually 900 until Sophie wakes up, so for almost an hour I can hurry and get things cleaned up and start my day. (The little kids are long gone by this point too so I have NO kids for that hour.)  If  I take the older boys to school I don't get back until 900 and by then Sophie is up and I don't get that precious little hour that I love so much.

But, guess what?  I let it go!  I used the time taking them to school to help Joshua study for his Spanish Test and I even got to feel like a pro with my awesome Spanish Skills.  He ended up getting an A, and I was happy about that.  I was able to talk to James and send him off to school on a positive note.  Hurray all around.

Dinnertime is usually kind of chaotic but tonight I had told some neighbors that are moving that they could either come over for dinner or I would bring it to them.  She ended up deciding to have me bring it over, but what I had planned on making didn't travel well.  I decided to make something totally different  last minute and with my crazy small oven, things were a little behind.  I rushed all the food into the car and was trying to call Ryan because he was in town and I needed him to meet me there.  He wasn't answering his phone.  I looked down to text him as I was driving out the garage in a hurry.  The boys had put the garbage bins too close to the car and so I tried to kind of swerve the car while holding a hot tray of food and trying to call Ryan.  SMACK.  I hit the side mirror.  It was pretty loud.

I just had to laugh.  The cracked mirror SO fits our junky van that I love.  You can't tell very well in this picture, but our ENTIRE wind shield is cracked.  This car has some serious cosmetic problems.  The mirror just adds more to the beauty. I had to just let it go. I had icy roads to cover and hot food to deliver!  I didn't get stressed that everything was going wrong.  (I condensed the story above, there had been more complications before the smack.)  I just let it go and drove fast as possible without being dangerous on icy roads in a minivan. 

Earlier in the day, these two cuties played for quite a while.  I did have one instance where I got to practice letting it go.  I had JUST mopped the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.   I left the girls in the kitchen with a little lunch I made them.  These two are really good girls, and I love having a friend for Annie over to keep her busy in the afternoon.  They are usually very tidy and don't even make big messes when playing.  However, this time when I came back they had somehow had a throwing contest and EVERY piece of their lunch was hurled across the kitchen.  Even a cup of chocolate milk had been aimed for the sink I believe and there was chocolate milk dripping from the ceiling, on the blinds, and the windows.  This is NOT typical behavior from them.  I didn't even let it phase me. I told them they had to clean it up, which they did, and I did the finishing touches and was done with it.  Let that craziness go right out the door.  

I must have been a pretty good girl with all that letting things go stuff because I just peeked downstairs and look who came tonight….St Nicholas.  All our shoes were full of sweet treats. 

I can't wait until morning to see everyone's faces! And I can't wait to see what "opportunities" tomorrow holds for me to practice my new mantra!

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