Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The holidays in full swing

This past weekend was so much fun. The second weekend in December we always have our extended family reunion and this year we hosted in Idaho.  Everything went great and we had so much fun catching up with cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Heidi and her kids flew in for the party from Arizona and is was a perfect weekend.  

Sunday things went a little down hill.  Michael started throwing up.  We also were out of power for five hours during the day.  I wrote this on Facebook Monday Morning-

"On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 3 barfing children, two sore throats, and a million loads of laundry."

It has now gone through five of the six kids.  I have three home today. I have a sore throat, and the aches.  My stomach is a little rumbly but I don't know if that is just from being grossed out by the massive amounts of throw up that have not been making it to a bowl or toilet.  If I don't throw up it will truly be a Christmas Miracle!  

 Nothing like a little holiday sickness to force you to let things go.  So much for making caramels and treats to deliver to neighbors.  Who wants holiday goodies from the sick house?  So, instead I get to stay in my cozy flannel Christmas Pajamas, and that is a rare thing these days.  I didn't go help in Luke's school class, had to cancel babysitting a friends little girl, no gymnastics today, and didn't go to my primary meeting.  Thank goodness I have most of my holiday shopping done!  

Here are some fun shots I found on my camera from the weekend…second cousins hanging out at my house Saturday Afternoon.  

They all played (23 of them) while the Mom's (girl cousins) all just sat and talked for hours. The guys watched the Army/Navy game.  It was a perfect afternoon/evening! 

I found this picture of Chloe and Joshua rocking out.  Not sure who took it, or what was going on, but good work guys.  Having teenagers around is a lot of fun. 

Chloe…did you take this?  I like it!  When we got married all we had on our tree was lights and I thought it was so beautiful.  Every year we added something new….one year beads, the next year bows.  I remember our third Christmas I was babysitting a neighbor girl and she asked me, "Where are all your ornaments?"  I didn't even realized we only had one or two at the time, but who doesn't love their own Christmas Tree, no matter how many ornaments, or lack of ornaments it has.  Growing up I always thought our tree was the most beautiful tree in the world, even when we lived overseas and our tree options were at times pathetic.  I love, love, love Christmas Trees!  

Even if this IS our second tree of the season (remember the first one died) and even if there are already two or three strands of lights that have gone out, grrrrr.  It still is beautiful dark sections and all. It has been fun collecting new things to add each year (usually at post-holiday sales and even garage sales) and we always have the little ornaments we have been given or the kids have made through the years. 

Luke helping me pull out the holiday decor...

He had me recreate the picture…which I felt silly doing.  My sister and I were just discussing shameless selfies in abundance on Instagram.  It is so embarrassing! 

Despite three children at this moment sitting on the couch with bowls in hand, I AM gonna enjoy every minute till Christmas!  

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