Friday, February 14, 2014

The week leading up to Valentines

A week on my phone...

Facts about Sophie:
*She dresses herself everyday. 
 Lately, I just go with it.  Sometimes I suggest a change.  She gets dressed the second her eyes open and often I am downstairs cleaning up from the school kids. 
*She loves "spicy chips". 
*She likes the dogs and they like her. 

Thanks to a dear friend I got a manicure AND a pedicure last weekend.  A very rare treat.  It makes me feel happy every time I look at my nails. 

Another rare treat…I spent two days with these ladies and it was so relaxing and fun to catch up and give each other encouragement as mothers!

A staple at Grand Targhee Resort died this week after a battle with Cancer.  As I read about him, it makes you want to be the kind of person that influences everyone around you for the positive.  It doesn't take much, often just a smile.  

Sophie accidentally spilled her drink at Costa Vida.  She felt so busted she made the funniest face, but of course I didn't get it captured soon enough.  She still looks a little busted here though...

She is a softy...

Annie and her twin friend Isabella.  Seriously, when I have them out in public together they look like twins!

Making Valentines is hard work.  

Ryan has been out of town and it hasn't been to bad, but last night I was feeling the stress as my house looked like this and James needed homework help and there was no dinner on the horizon.  AHHHHH!  Deep Breath.  

This morning it was worth it because they were so excited to bring their Valentines and Boxes to school.  This was the conversation I overheard as we were rushing to get out the door:

Michael: "So, do you have any ladies you are gonna give a Valentine to?" 
Luke (really contemplative and serious): "No, there are not really any hotties this year."  

Luke took this of me last night bringing the girls up to bed.  Both wanted me to hold them.  I didn't make it far.  The older boys have been awesome this week helping me get the kids to bed since I have gone to my exercise class twice, (it is at 830 at night), had a school board meeting, and a late night trip to the store.  It is amazing!  They are getting more responsible and they can actually put the little ones to bed in a pinch.  With 4 boys as the oldest I wasn't sure if this would actually happen.  Horray!


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  1. Reading that "there was no dinner on the horizon" makes me happy. Glad to hear that I'm not the only mom who runs into that problem!