Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It feels like Spring and Tragic Pie Story

Today my Dad took Luke skiing with him and I wish I was with them!  It is BEAUTIFUL outside with some serious sunshine.  My kind of ski day!  I feel Spring in the air and I love it!

We took Sophie for skiing for the first time with the family on President's Day.  She loved it.  

It was also a beautiful day, but very windy up top.  Since I was with Sophie though, I stayed at the bottom of the hill.  

She looked so cute!  There were some younger kids there that day, but I think she was the perfect age.  Old enough to "sort of" get what she was doing.  She is fearless and very competitive, so that helps!

Dad and Sophie

Mom and the girls…with the hula hoop.  It is a saving grace skiing with a little one.  I used it on Annie too and it made things a cinch!  And don't even laugh at my outfit.  It's vintage…circa 1998.  It is seriously so dorky and my kids laugh at me, however, a new ski outfit for mom never seems to make it to the top of the priority list. 

Sassy Sophie and Annie all grown up now.  

Can't help it…had to throw in this one cause what is that face? 

Little kids just make everything look cute.  Puffy ski gear…cute.  Boots, cute.  Mittens, cute. 

Check out that happy face! "Come on, Mom!"  It was awesome having EVERY kid there!  Finally!  Maybe one of these days I will see the older boys ski.  They did come down and do a "family" run with us, but usually I don't see them all day!

Joshua is so lucky, he seriously has the best friends and they all live really close. They do everything together.  I wish this picture showed what they looked like this night a little better.  They are COVERED with mud.  Like, covered.  Good work guys. 

I am so glad these two have each other. It is so cute to see them watching TV cause they usually hold hands.  I love it. 

The 8 and 9 year old girls from church surprised me with Valentines they hung on my door!  What a sweet surprise!

My sister Jennifer just  put new couches in her family room She called and said she was getting rid of their beloved couches they have had for 11 years.  I volunteered to take the old ones off her hands since we don't have couches in the basement.  However, once we got them to our house, I decided (and then talked Ryan into) putting our leather sectional in the basement and these in our family room.  I love it!  Even the boys all like it better!  (Seriously guys, trust me on these things!)  I switched pictures around, and moved a dresser into this room, and presto…new family room without a single trip to the store. Just moving things around.   

I love to switch furniture and decorations around.  Like REALLY switch it around.  Sometimes I have to talk people into my games.  I am so glad Joshua can do it now and I can usually snag a friend of his and I don't even  have to bother Ryan with my silly plans.  I blame it on my military upbringing. I am used to change and moving, so it is just my way of "moving" without moving.  It makes me happy, especially since we are renting our house and I can't sink my paws into anything to make any perm.  changes, and I don't have money to go buy new things, so this gives me my "fix".  I swear, if you hate your house, or you want something new, just move things around, clean it up, organize something, and you will feel much better!  With all my winter decor gone, I am doing some serious de-JUNKING and donating. Spring is in the air!

And finally, speaking of cleaning….while on a weekend away in Utah I purchased this Chocolate Cream Pie.  I could not bare to part with it, so set it on my front seat for my ride back to Idaho.  Of course, I got hungry on the way home and tried to eat some with a fork, while balancing it, and lets just say one tap to the break and this happened.  So tragic, and yet so typical.  I think it was the universe speaking to me, trying to save me from hours of calorie ridden bites of cream pie on my way home.  (Did I mention it said each slice had like 560 calories?)  Every time I am greedy and try to take something home with me, it gets smashed, and by the time I get it home it no longer even looks appealing and I might as well just chuck it.  I can sadly report this from experiences just this week- smuggling donuts home from a Relief Society gathering for my kids, and then cupcakes from a birthday gathering only to drop them on the cement and then shamelessly trying to salvage them anyway.  

And that is the end of my pie on car floor story.  
PS At least I didn't try to salvage this one.  (Don't think I wouldn't have tried if I could.)

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  1. Next time you come to Utah I will be very offended and never talk to you again if you don't come see me. Bring your kids. Stay at our house. Okay...I'll keep talking to you. OR...we'll come up there and you all can teach us how to ski. Only I've done it and I want everyone to learn!