Thursday, November 20, 2014 long marathon.

October was seriously insane. 
 I think it was my busiest month ever, but a good busy so I can't complain!  
(Hey, that was almost like a rhymed.) 
The first weekend in October was the St. George Marathon.  I had been somewhat training for it all summer.  It went better than expected and I was glad I did it, but even more glad to have it over with!  It was kind of a metaphor for the whole month-one long marathon from start to finish.  And just like in a marathon the last 6 miles seem longer and harder than the first 20....the last 6 days or so of the month were the most intense.  

I stole this pic off an email they sent was that last brutal stretch when all I could think was "GET THIS OVER WITH".

October was the last month we spent in our house on Redonda.  I don't really miss the house, but I miss the sunsets and the views.  I can't believe how much Idaho changes from the beginning of October to November.  I think it was the most beautiful Octobers I have ever seen in Idaho.  I wish I could have slowed down a little to enjoy it more.  But, it was not really an option. 

We had lots of days with blue skies, and we were still wearing shorts.  (A trip to the new house to help the people that we bought it from pack.)

Check out this kids hair. 

It was so great to have the Garza's meet us in St George and cheer me on for the Marathon.  They are the best! 

Picture day at school...

 So sad, we never got her picture taken.  The line was so long and as you can see here, she was not cooperating so much. 

 My favorite tree at our old house...

This was my view everyday....

Ryan was really busy with work and made a couple trips to California.  This is not him... just pics from Engineering Sites that show up on my Photo Stream.  Ryan is not a picture these are the only kinds of pictures on his phone.  Awesome. 

Carly had baby #4.... welcome sweet baby Benson! (The hospital requires masks now.) Our cultural traditions require full head dress.  

I love this picture I had on my phone from his first few days home. 

I do miss a few things about my old house.  I loved the stairs. 

We had the lunar eclipse...

Okay, I also miss our old street.  It is seriously so close, but we just don't drive it a million times a day like we did.  I think it is the prettiest street in Idaho Falls.  And while I am at it, I miss our neighbors.  But less you worry, we have lots of wonderful new neighbors, and pretty new views. 

Carly and I did a mini photo session with Benson.  I am glad we did, because he has already grown so much!  Isn't he cute!?

I taught a class for our Annual Craft Night at Church.  
Got that crossed off my list.  

We served dinner to all the Primary Teachers at Church as part of our last Teacher Appreciation Dinner.  

We had good friends go to the temple and get sealed.  

We had Michael's Arrow of Light Ceremony.  
That means Michael is officially out of Cub Scouts and it was my last Pack Meeting that I helped with as part of the Primary.  (We were released this month.)

I co-hosted a baby shower for a good friend that was having a girl after five boys.  
(Her first is a girl, and her total! ) 

I was in charge of the Primary Program (along with the other awesome people I served with) and I am probably biased, but I thought its as the best program I have ever seen.  We have an amazing song leader and the songs were just spectacular.  The kids all did such a great job with their parts, having them all memorized.  It was like a farewell gift from the children to us as their leaders.  Like everything else this was awesome, but I was glad to have it over with and done! 

(Please excuse my special needs child.  Sophie was not in the program...and she should not have been in this picture.)

Remember this pretty tree a few weeks earlier?  All the yellow leaves fell off by the end of the month.  It was the trees way of telling me goodbye. 

I did not remember moving being that much work!  
We had SO much help.  I feel so grateful for the insane amount of help we had from friends, neighbors, and family.  They babysat, brought food, loaned us cars and trailers, scrubbed, packed, and moved.  We could not have made it without the hours of service we received!  

Once everything was moved out, the house already seemed different.  It was no longer home.  Goodbye, house on Redonda.  Thanks for the good times.  

We made many trips to donate all the junk we have accumulated. (I love that feeling!  Goodbye, junk!)  The house we were moving into was already furnished so we have had to get rid of a lot from both houses.  We said goodbye to our table from the last ten years.  Right after we refinished it five years ago, Luke carved his name into it.  

Goodbye, Kitchen Table.  Thanks for the homework sessions, school projects, family fights, family laughs, and hundreds of meals and snacks.  Oh, and thanks for being the dog's favorite spot in the house.

We organized, sorted, packed, scrubbed and cleaned.  And then we dumped everything in our new house...and had to organize, scrub, sort, and clean again.  Just looking at this picture makes me depressed. I am so glad we are past those first crazy days.  We had a tangle of all the stuff the old owners had left, and trying to figure out where to put our new things...things have already greatly improved!  (I would like to tell you we are close to done...but this part of our life will be an ultra-marathon.)

Amidst all the chaos, Halloween fell smack in the middle of the move.  Since I am a room mom/helper, a week earlier another mom and I were responsible for gathering donations and getting a theme basket together for the School's Annual Fall Carnival.  Got through the Carnival (check) and   then it was on to Halloween Festivities.  I was in charge of Michael's 5th Grade Room Party.  The house had to be put on hold! 
Just finding costumes in the craziness of our house was a challenge.  It all came together though.  The best costume award went to our new dressed up as a hoarder this Halloween.  
 Better pictures to come... but from right to left:
Army Guy (Luke)  Old Lady (Michael)  Gandolf (Gunnar)  Cowgirls (Sophie and Annie) 
Teen Dad (Joshua and Benson)  Nerd (James)  
Joshua really didn't dress up, so since he was holding baby Benson we told him he looked like a Teen Dad. 

The morning after was November and the Marathon Month was over.  We could finally take a breath.  

Our first weekend in the new house, we had a few moments of downtime.  

Like I said above, I have a feeling the next few months will be an ultra marathon.  Next week brings Thanksgiving, traveling, and then bam-December is here.  Oh, December, I wish you would wait for me.  I am not ready for all that you bring.  However, I will keep on running and try to enjoy the race along the way!

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