Monday, December 1, 2014

Bogren's Play Baseball at Bear Lake

I wanted to do a recap of our Thanksgiving trip to California while it is fresh in my mind!  The kids had the whole week off of school and so we decided to take advantage and take a trip our to visit Nana and Papa for the Holiday.  It was a great break away from the business of regular life. I will have to show more from the trip another day though.  My pictures are not uploading!  In the meantime,  I have not caught up with so many fun things we have done since summer...I figured why not do a little recap of our other Bogren trip we had not too long ago.

We had a mini-Bogren reunion at Bear Lake in September.  The weather was beautiful!  It was so fun to be able to go back and sneak one last trip in at the lake.  One thing the crew did a lot of was baseball games in the back yard.  I caught a lot of the action on camera.

September is a beautiful time to be at Bear Lake!  It feels like a different place than it does in July though...very quiet! 

Aunt Melanie has some baseball, not so much.  I just stayed behind the camera. 

Check out little Amelia's hair...she is a mermaid I tell ya.  It is so white and so beautiful. 



The evenings were just perfect. 

I think someone might be smack-talking the other team here...

Ezra playing his own little game while Daddy looks on. 
(Looks on laughing...)

Sophie is more a "sit and watch" type of girl.  She was happy to play with her new pink pony. 

 Go,  Melanie! 

Uncle Dane finding a ball in the weeds...

Joshua is always full of excitement. 


Dad is pitcher. 


Uncle Dane helping Annie out. 

Run, Annie, Run! 

Look at her tongue up above and here, she is not the only Bogren that does this. 

Go, James!  Dad's gonna get you! 


 She has it down! 
Ballerina-Baseball Player

Joshua getting into the game...

Michael bares his tongue too...

This picture is out of focus, but I love how Luke is keeping his eye on the prize. 

Also out of focus, but the only one with me! 

The sky was always changing, and it was so beautiful! 

So much beauty in every direction. 

During one of the games I took Amelia on a little walk and look what I found!  A mother Moose and her baby, RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.  

More pictures from the reunion to come!  Such fun memories.  I guess this is a Thanksgiving Post after all.  Looking back at these pictures makes me feel so thankful!  

I am thankful for wonderful Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. 
I am thankful for a husband that is also a great father. 
I am thankful for my children that are healthy, growing and developing into great people even though they can sometimes give me some serious stress and cause me to freak out occasionally.
I am thankful for the beautiful world that we live in.  
I am thankful for the sun and sunsets each morning and evening.  The sky is an amazing portrait that changes hourly and it is just amazing. 
I am thankful for animals and wildlife. 
I am thankful for seasons and the change that comes with each one. 
I am thankful for cameras and technology that make it so much easier to capture memories and share them. 

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