Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I love new beginnings and fresh starts...but I am not quite ready for the Holidays to end.  I wish somehow I could slow everything down during December, so I could squeeze in a little more.  Somehow it doesn't work, so for now, I will drag it out a little longer.  

Not ready to take down our pathetic little tree we had this year.  

I love me a wreath all year long and I love all the holiday colors.  (The paint color?  I would like to change that up in a heartbeat.)

Who knew that having a 70s metal room divider could be so great for garland and lights?

Remember how when we moved we went for a month with no TV? Well, we made up for lost time this month.  (At least these guys did.)

I love going to the temple at Christmas.  

Willow likes the tree too...

I am sad all the family gathering is almost over...

The nice thing about this part of the Holiday Party keeps on going for about three more months!  

I love that January brings....

-Cozy House and less running around (crossing my fingers)
-Bluebird Skies and Sparkling Snow
-Ski Trips to Targhee
-Getting organized 
-New Goals
-Downton Abbey

( I do have a goal to make some New Years's usually just an "I am exhausted from the last holiday" type of thing.)

For now we will stick with about the only tradition we have....Chinese Food.  Yum. 

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