Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving and Fun with Papa in Lodi

Today is Papa's Birthday.  I really thought that we would call him when everyone was home AFTER my RS Christmas Party....however, since I am such a wild party girl, by the time I got home it was too late.  Sad times.  

So since Papa is my most loyal reader of the blog...I thought I would dedicate my recap of my next part of our trip to him.  :)

My two handsome guys slicing up the turkey...

Papa just had knee surgery on his second knee.  He is improving day by day, but isn't quite back to his normal break-dancing self.  (Hopefully he will be better than his normal self...with new knees!) 
One thing about that Papa is that he has something against sitting at the table.  This seems to be his favorite spot.  

James, Nana, Ryan, and my tasty loaded Thanksgiving Plate.  

"The Kid Table"
I had Sophie all dressed up in her Thanksgiving best, but when the sun went down she thought it was PJ time. 
PJ's and Thanksgiving dinner are actually a really good idea. 

On Thanksgiving I was really wishing I had my camera...but iPhones are pretty handy so I am grateful for a back up. Our good friend Debbie and her twin sons joined us for the Feast.  She offered to take a picture  Thanks, Debbie! 


James had a meeting with the cranberry sauce.  I think the cranberry sauce won the tasty award this year.  So good. 

I always have a meeting-of-sorts with some part of my meal.  

I am just going through my iPhone pics and these next few are screen shots I took of articles I must have been researching to back up my distain for children and technology.  
Let's just say the kids consumed A LOT of media on Thanksgiving...and no me gusta.  We were on I have to give them a pass sometimes.  However, I find it makes them fight more and get GROUCHY. 

Steve and I were pretty much BFF's when it comes to parenting techniques.  

I think that most of America has bought into the idea that more technology in the classroom is a good thing.  If I had it my way there would be black boards, chalk, and LOTS of books.  
Apparently many Silicon Valley Execs agree and pay upwards of $30,000 a year to send their kids to such schools. 

What do these screen shots have to do with Thanksgiving?  LOTS.  For starters, I am so thankful for Google and the ability this technology (that I am sometimes so against) gives me to look up any facts to support any opinion I may take.  Thank you, Google.  You are pretty fantastic. 

Back to the good stuff-these girls love spending time in Papa's office. 

Papa is pretty fun to cuddle on the couch with and watch a movie. 

Papa is the best and cutest photo bomber. 

And apparently he is more photogenic that Katie and I were.  (I told him it was my wonderful photography skills, but we all know it is because he is such a stud.)
 PS Papa is also the King of Bear Hugs and always is willing to give a weary traveler some love. 

I wish tonight for his Birthday we could all be together to have a feast like this one we had at King Tsin.  

King Tsin has been our favorite Chinese Food in Lodi (for some of us, in the world) for years. 

Had to get Nana in there too because she is pretty cute too. 

Annie was a little solemn since it was her last night in Disneyland, I meant Nana and Papa's house.  Pretty much the same thing, right?!

We sure love you, Papa!!!!!  Hope you had a wonderful day and got to have a few special moments to know how much you are loved. We are glad you are on the planet with us.  

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