Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthdays and Roller Skates

I still have not totally caught up on all the are a few things that we also did over the Christmas Break.  My brother David's Birthday is the day after Christmas so we always get together and play games and eat "bread pizza".  (Pizza on french bread slices)  

Grandpa is not much for games, but he is always willing to hold a baby.  I believe this is William taking a snooze with Grandpa.  

 Happy Birthday, David!  (His traditional cake is Marble, with chocolate frosting.)

The Garzas arrived late that night all the way from Arizona.  We went roller skating with them a few days later when the planned ski trip didn't pan out due to weather. 

 I love this picture of Travis and Heidi-roller skating naturals!

The roller rink lets you push strollers while skating.  Sophie and Annie loved it and both eventually fell asleep. (Another plus of roller skating, your kids can sleep while you skate)


 Luke-looking more like a hockey player than a roller skater.

I got quite the workout pushing these two around. I forgot how much I LOVE roller skating!  It brought back lots of memories for me.  My Grandma Adams would always take us roller skatings in Logan when we came to visit.  We would drive over in the HUGE, old, green cadillac Lincoln.  I thought it was the nicest car.  I still remember the smell of the leather shimmery green seats.  The roller rink was pretty old and I don't think the one here in Idaho Falls is much different! Grandma would cheer us on and tell us we were the best roller skaters she had ever seen.  I never wanted to leave.  I loved doing the limbo and "girl skate" and all the other fun games. She would also let us pick out a candy bar. I remember I would usually get a big tootsie roll or Nibs if they had them. (Food is usually always part of my childhood memories.) I think if the roller rink were closer I would get a season pass and go there instead of the gym!  It is so fun!

Uncle Travis and Michael

We will definately have to do that again soon.  If you want a time warp, go to your local skating rink and it will bring you right back to the 80's.   


  1. That huge car of Grandma's was a Lincoln. Don't let RL hear you calling it a Cadillac!

  2. I LOVE reading your blog, Nat! I've decided that our childhood friendship will now be a very good grown up mommy friendship. We really have so much in common. Food is connected to all my memories, I was a mean r skater too every friday night, grandpa at our house is the baby holder and my plans for a ski trip have been cancelled too. Seriously...are we twins? Plus...your pics make me want to do my hair more. Thanks for inspiring this frumpy mom to pick up a curling iron once in a while! :)

  3. Just your childhood memories?

    1. You crack me up...I had to re-read this post because I didn't get it, hee hee. You know me so well.