Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sophie's First Birthday Party

Well...it looks like I am averaging about a month behind on events for my blog.  This month has FLOWN by!  Sophie's party was great.  It was on a school night and since everyone is so busy with church, scouts, sports, and everything else it was a miracle we were able to squeeze a quick party in!  I guess that is the way it goes when you are child #6!  Here is a quick recap of the festivities....

As you can see, we went with a rainbow of colors for a "theme".  The cute little chair Sophie is sitting on was one of her gifts.  She looks pretty terrified.

Singing to little Sophie...

Grandma showing the inside of the cupcakes.  These are super easy...right up my ally!

Ryan told me to get in the picture after I showed him my blogpost about how I have no pictures of Sophie and I together!

"So, guys, what do I do?"

"You guys are right, this is pretty good!"

 I am not sure if this was a laugh or a cry...

 London, Eliza, Alexis, Emmaline, Annie, and Isabelle

Thanks for all the presents peeps!  Nana sent the cutest shoes and some money so get her something, Grandma gave her a great little music light in the hopes she might want to sleep in her crib. She got some bracelets and bows.  Her cousins gave her a super cute swimsuit, robe, and summer dress (thanks Garzas!)  and Rebecca gave her the cutest PJ's.  What a lucky girl! 

Thanks everyone for celebrating with us!  We love you!

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