Saturday, February 25, 2012

My darling daughter

Annie has had her own style since she could get dressed on her own.  Everyday she goes in her room and spends hours with her clothes.  My sister has four daughters and passes most of the clothes on to Annie so she has a wide variety to "play" with each day.  I WISH I could have taken a picture of her when we went to lunch yesterday.  She always comes up with the craziest combinations.  Usually her outfits combine skirts, shorts, tights, and various sweaters or jackets.  Stripes, dots, flowers-the busier the better.  Usually Sundays are the only day I really put my foot down.  I try to pick my battles.  I am wondering what will happen when school starts. 

One favorite trick is to get into the bin of "too small" clothes in the basement.  Here she found a beautiful combination of stars and stripes from last summer.  I told her it was too cold for shorts.

"Oh, don't worry Mom, I have these sweet tights on to keep me warm."

When shopping with me she goes nuts, throwing tons of clothes into the basket. I always wonder where she thinks they went when she gets home.  (I hand them all to the checker and tell her we don't really want them!)

Let's she was going with the jean dress/sparkle shoes/butterfly wings/baseball look!

Here is Chloe wearing the same dress 10 years ago! (My sister posted this on her blog on 9-11, the girls look so much alike!)

"Mom, seriously!?  What do you mean these 6-12 month summer clothes of Sophie's won't work for this snowy day?"


 "Okay, I will throw on this hat and a sweater...and you gotta admit, I look pretty cute!"

I am glad she has so much fun with her clothes.  I was trying to find a picture of me when I was her age because my mom said the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I could not find a picture but my mom did write this about me in my scrapbook....

"Natalie was always very opinionated about clothes.  She has more than the other girls because of hand-me-downs, but she has one or two favorites she wears over and over.  Unfortunately, she doesn't always choose the best looking.  The summer she turned three everytime I turned around she had on an old swimming suit.  She liked skirts." 

Well, I guess at least Annie likes to mix it up!  

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  1. She is so cute!! You have a little Fashionista on your hands! I love the shorts and tights look!!

    ps: Annie has the best hair!