Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter at Grandma's

Man, I sure am glad that Easter was last weekend and not this weekend!  This weekend we are back to chilly Idaho weather and last weekend was perfect!  We were even able to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt without coats on! We started off with a yummy Easter Dinner with the whole family at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The kids were even able to eat outside.  Man, it was so nice soaking in the sunshine. 

I realized I didn't load the "real" picture we took of everyone before the Hunt, but this picture is better anyway...check out all those crazy grandkids...we sure miss the ones in Arizona and OKLAHOMA now. 

Will (I think-or is it Max?) wanted this little pink basket from our childhood.  His Dad was trying to tell him that he should really grab that big white one instead.  It hold a whole lot more, Will!


Sophie couldn't believe her mean I get to do this again!?  Awesome!

 Annie, looking so grown up. 



Sophie stopping for a snack.

James hasn't gotten a replacement for the "replacement" tooth that fell out.  He won't usually smile with his teeth showing, but I snuck this one in!  I told him he will want to remember what he looked like. 

These older kids never seem to get over the thrill of an egg with some cash in it. 

Luke and Michael

London is pretty happy about her cash too. 


 I rarely have Ryan take pictures. I told him to get some with me in them.  There is a reason I usually don't have him do it.  Most of them looked like this...

These were the "action" shots he took...huh?

This one wasn't TOO bad...

I think Jennifer and I don't look too fabulous...but hey, future generations will know that we were there!

 I think he gave up focusing on me and I don't mind because this one is so cute!

 I snapped this one of David and Melissa and I must say I think it is pretty fabulous.  It might just be that they just looked good anyway.  I like to blame my pics on the photographer.  :)

It was a great end to our Easter Day.  I am so glad we have had family to celebrate Easter with through the years! 

 2005 I in California.  I really don't know where any of my pictures are because this is like the only old one I could find.  :( Someday I am going to pretend I went on vacation and devote like two weeks of my life to just pictures.  I will get them all organized and found.  I don't think that will happen for a while.  But I can dream.  This picture makes me sad.  It REALLY seems like yesterday. 

Another Hunt in Nana's back yard.  The two twin boys in the middle back row were like our cousins in California!  

Easter morning at home in California.  Man, I can't believe how fast these kids are growing!  

I better enjoy every Holiday to the max, because Joshua only has FOUR more Easter Egg Hunts before he is on his mission.  You got that right FOUR.  Boo hoo, I will go cry myself to sleep. 

PS I guess he really has five, because he still hasn't gotten this years!  Ha ha.  Maybe this week. 

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