Friday, April 26, 2013

Grandpa Loves Weddings and Hoopla

A few weeks ago our beautiful cousin Lisa got married in Utah.  I was able to hitch a ride with my parents for the day to attend the wedding.  It was so great to see my cousins from that side of the family.  It has been WAY too long.  The nice thing about Facebook and the Internet is that it makes you FEEL like you see extended family more than your really do. I realized I have not seen these cousins in about ten years.  We are all spread out in different parts of the country.  I wish I had taken pictures at the temple...but at least I got a few at the reception.  After looking back at the pictures I took I realized how many I took of my Dad.  I could not help myself posting them because they make me chuckle looking back at them.

Here is my Dad when we first arrived at the reception.  This was before I had accidentally spilled that nice lemonade all over his lap. 

Here is Dad...enjoying every minute of the festivities. 

 Here is Uncle John with Lisa's cute little girl, Chloe.  

The pictures and things at the temple took a little longer than expected and then the bride and groom finally arrived!  Here is their first dance. 

I told my Dad he couldn't see what what was going on...and this is what I got. 

Aunt Judy and Uncle John looking great. 

Lisa has found the nicest guy. Not only was he great, but his family was one of the nicest families I have ever met.  One thing you could really see is how much they love and adore each other!  

Cousin, Amy. 

Cousins Amy and Lisa with ME!  I told my mom I should have been standing back cause I look like the giant up front.  Michele and I are only three days apart and I have so many great memories from our childhood.  One thing about Michele is she has a contagious laugh and a giggle that she has not lost!  It was so great to catch up even though it was so quick.  

I had wanted to re-create this beauty of Michele and I at a Cook Family Reunion in 1988.  We had gotten these beautiful "Utah/Duck" shirts for our birthdays I believe.  

Had to include a giggle shot even if it is blurry.  Michele and Amy both looked beautiful! Amy was just a little blonde thing running around back in the day.  She is all grown up now. 

Aunt Judy and Amy

The beautiful bride and groom...I don't know WHY I didn't get some more pictures of these two. 

And I would not feel right without ending the post with my Dad and his little brother, John.  Love these two!  

It was a long day from start to finish.  A LOT of driving, we were in the car about eight hours.  It was totally worth it though!  You have to take any chance you have to make memories.  I only wish we had had more time to visit.  Now that Lisa lives closer we will have to plan something.  Well, thanks for coming along for the ride, Dad.  Even though you are not a big "wedding" person, or a shopping guy, or a big "city" type, and on top of that I knocked that lemonade all over your suit.  Just wanted to make sure that your nieces' wedding was a day not to be forgotten!  :)  hee hee.

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