Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have been a little MIA this month.  I have SOOO much to catch up on. I took a week or so off because of the "black lung" (that is what I refer to my pleurisy as) returned and I could not do much of anything.  Then my computer started acting crazy and after lots of help from Apple Care they determined I needed to send my computer to the shop to be fixed.  :(  I can't stand being without it!  So in the meantime, not much blogging taking place.  I am on Ryan's computer right now. 

I did get these pictures sent to me from the Librarian at the school.  Michael was one of the top READERS in his grade and so he was able to go on this fun trip with all the other top readers.  First, they were picked up at the school in this cool limo...

Here he is (in the plaid shirt) partying it up inside the limo...(sitting next to cousin, Emmaline).  

Michael and his friend Mason...I think. 

They were driven to Chick Fil-A for lunch...yummy!

Our school really has a great bunch of kids.  Here is Michael and Mason with two other boys from Church...Bryce and Davis. 

Way to go Michael...and Emmaline too!  (And there is Aspen and Jordyn from church as well...we really represented! Yahoo!) 
Now I need to set up a reading plan for the kids over the summer.  I am determined to get LOTS of books read by all.  It is too easy to let the kids brains go to mush on things like Mind Crap, did I say that?  I meant Mind Craft.  Are my boys the only ones wanting to play these games any chance they get? 
And while I am on the subject of reading... there is a really great reader that has a birthday today....

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  1. I just got good enough Internet to read blogs, and your is the first one! What a great reward for reading!!! Hope you have recovered from the black lung. And Happy Birthday to your mother!