Sunday, June 2, 2013

Milligan Marathon and a Funeral

I got my computer back!  Yahoo!  I am going to be a blogging maniac for the next few weeks and catch up on all of the end of the year festivities that I haven't documented.  (Well, that is my plan at least.  I can't make any promises!)

One REALLY fun thing that happened in May was a Milligan Cousin Reunion.  Well, it was really a "girls-only" cousin reunion.  It all happened thanks to my cousin Emily aka "Miss Ogden".  Emily and her awesome husband Steve own/operate the yummy Sonora Grill in downtown Ogden.  Since Sonora Grill was a sponsor for the Ogden Marathon Emily helped us all enroll in various legs of the Marathon. No one was in the mood or feeling like doing a full Marathon.  Robin and I decided to do the Half, and the rest of the ladies were on various Relay Teams where they each had a leg of the full marathon.

The night before the Marathon we all met up at Sonora Grill.  The Walker cousins all drove here together from Colorado.  Heidi flew to Idaho from Arizona and then drove down from Idaho with Melissa and I.  I think everyone else hailed from Utah or Idaho.  It was so great to just relax and catch up.  Usually family reunions seem a little rushed and we have 20 million kids running around that we are trying to keep from being crazy maniacs.  A great time was had by all!

Cousin Rebecca and sister-in-law, Melissa. 

Cousin Julie...she was trying to hide from me.  

Julie and Jill laughing about Julie's failed attempts to hide from the camera. 

Here are some of Julie's sister's.  Notice a family resemblance!?  Ha ha.  These guys HAD been traveling all day from Colorado, but they still looked fabulous as usual. 

Gotcha, Leslie!  Leslie and Emily are making plans for the morning festivities I think!? 

Robin, Jennifer, and Abigail.  

Andrea, Lauren, and Cassie

 The Marathon was actually on Robin's Birthday and after dinner we just had to run over to the cupcake store and get some yummy treats to celebrate.  These two both insisted that I crop this picture, but I think they both look fabulous.  Sorry guys!  

Tonight I don't have time to edit and go through the MANY pictures from the actual Marathon day.  However, I thought I would include these ones.  Even though they are from the next morning-it still SEEMED like the middle of the night.  Here's Sadie and Lucy...

Good bye, Emily!  Have fun guys!

You see we were SUPPOSED to be at a hotel.  Instead we ended up staying at Hotel de Emily.  She already had ten extra people...what was three more!?  Long story...but let's just say Marriott really dropped the ball that weekend.  I wasn't too sad because we had so much fun staying up late and visiting.  Unfortunately, we can't stop yakking and I went to sleep around 2am.  That would not be so bad, except that the first crew had to be up at 4:30 that morning for the start of the marathon.  I was sleeping on the living room floor so I could hear them, but got to stay in my PJs and be happy I was not going out into the rain yet.  

My excuse for not running:
Since being sick off and on for a month and a half I had not been able to run at all.  As soon as I felt better I went out and ran seven miles.  I had to be ready for the half marathon!  Big mistake...the Pleurisy came back really bad and I could not even breath.  Seriously, it was ridiculous and a couple of times I almost went to the ER.  My breathing was shallow and every breath hurt.  Even talking made me get out of breath.  It felt like I had a brick on my lungs.  I could barely walk around the house, so I knew that the half marathon was just not an option.  :(  I am so glad I didn't push it.  It was raining and freezing and I think I just might have died.  And all the resting was just the ticket because I got so much better that weekend, and by the next week the Pleurisy was pretty much gone. 

SO, I didn't get to run....but I sure had fun cheering on the rest of the ladies!  Pictures to come...

In the you know why we had to schedule a SEPARATE reunion without all the little kidlets?  Let me remind you of a previous reunion a few years back at our beloved Grandmother Edna's funeral....

You know that picture of Sadie up there...this was her back then. So little!

Robin's oldest daugher, Ashlyn.  



What were these cherubic angels doing during the viewing while we were trying to catch up with our adult cousins?  Well...let's just say they went missing for a while and then all came running and screaming, "Dead bodies!!!!  Ahhhh!!!!"  
 They had been playing hide-and-seek in the FUNERAL home.  Let's just say that they found the ultimate creepy hiding place-one of the embalming rooms.  
We were pretty busted for not keeping tabs on these monkeys.  

Speaking of monkeys...look how little and cute Luke is here. 

Emmaline and Michael

Alexis...pointing to Grandma. 

Nicholas...bringing some peace to all of us during the viewing. 

Chloe, James, Nic, and Joshua....I can't believe how small they look!

Second Generation of Milligan Cousins...


Now do you see why we can't really catch up at our regular reunions.  This was their behavior at a FUNERAL.  After that disaster we have tried to be better about keeping tabs on these guys.

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