Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Father's Day

Ryan was still in California for Father's Day so I did a tribute to him back here.  Joshua was also still in DC.  The rest of us spent the afternoon at my Dad's house celebrating. It was a lovely afternoon. 

James wrapped this gift for Grandpa all by himself.  I was so happy to discover his wrapping skills because since then I have been able to send him on an errand to wrap for me several times.  It is so handy!

Hugs for Grandpa! 

All those gifts and cards must have worn Grandpa out! Not David and Alexis though. 

Alexis and James

James again...

We headed home after lots of good food and conversation.  I took Sophie on a drive in hopes that she would quickly fall asleep.  I snapped the sunset along the way.  My pictures never seem to give it justice. 

I head back home from Texas in five short hours!  I can't wait to see the kids and be home!  I wish I could just click my ruby slippers and be home right now.  I will not complain though...a plane ride is not too bad. (Except that I hate flying.)  XOXO

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