Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Okay, so much for my plans to "catch up" on the blog this summer.  The summertime is just as busy as the  school year!  I don't mind though because it is a different kind of busy...a FUN busy.  The beginning of the summer break seems a lifetime ago.  However, I must post our pictures to Zion's...it was so beautiful.  I have never been to Zion's and now that we have been there, we would love to return soon.  (Maybe minus a few kids next time.)  

Since we had all the kids we stuck to the easy trails for our first trip.  

Every corner you turned was more beautiful than the next it seemed.  

The green trees, the red cliffs, and the bright blue sky were breath taking. 

The afternoon sun was really beating down on us as we hiked up the canyon and we were not used to the heat yet.  Here is everyone taking a little break in the shade. 

I really appreciated Joshua carrying Sophie.  


Who knew that Zion's National Park had monkeys?

We need to get Annie out hiking more.  She is lucky that her Dad was willing to pack her around.  

 When we were about to the end of our portion of the hike we came to an oasis of shade and COLD water.  It was so refreshing.  The water was seriously freezing cold  At first, the kids just dipped their toes in it.  I didn't think we would have to worry about them getting in since it was so chilly. 

Since they were so sweaty and hot, they could not resist. 

And if you have kids, especially if you have boys, you know they just can't resist, deathly cold or not. 

The views were still amazing.  

This is what Ryan was looking up at.  These mountain towered over us, climbing straight up from the river. 

Looking downstream...

Turning back to look in the river...and look who jumped in.  

Joshua and James had swam to the other side and were skipping rocks off the bank.

So of course, Michael and Luke followed.  

As usual, Michael is looking for treasures....and he found some.  I can't believe the little things he finds no matter where he is.  

You seriously can't believe how cold it was in there. 

Annie made a little friend.  

The views on the way back down were just as spectacular.  

The sun was starting to go down and it just added to the beauty. 

We would love to come back and hike/camp with just these four some time. We saw such a small portion of the park.

We caught the park shuttle after our hike and everyone was tired.  Even Sophie...riding in the backpack can really ware a girl out!

Even if we come back, I don't think we will be doing this anytime, EVER. 
(See that little pink speck there...if you looked closely you could see lots of brave souls scaling the cliffs.)

I hate to end this beautiful experience with this un-beautiful picture, but these two were being SO crazy and slap happy the whole way back down the mountain and this is the only picture that captures a tiny bit of it.  We tried to distance ourselves from them on the shuttle in hopes that fellow tourists would not know they were related to us.  

We are sure glad that they are though!  We hope to return to this part of the beautiful Earth again soon.  And I hope by the time we return, I will have brushed up on my photography skills a little more.  With such beautiful surroundings I regretted not practicing more.  

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