Monday, October 7, 2013

Bear Lake Beach Bums

For the past few years we have gone to Park City every October.  This year we didn't plan on going, but when our timeshare had a last minute opening the same week our kids had a couple days off school we went for it!  It is so beautiful there this time of year.  We were able to have lots of fun with friends and family, and then we came home to a beautiful weather here in Idaho and of course...General Conference!  My sister Heidi and her kids are visiting.  It was such a great week.   I have to admit it we were feeling a little sad this morning when we had to wake up early and get back to our regular routine.

Here are some fun "beach" pictures from Bear Lake to cheer me up...

The kids build this pyramid with all the rocks on the beach....too many this year!  I think this is Will.


The big kids getting into some sand building. 

Joshua trying out a paddle boat.

The girls relaxing in the sun.  (James is back behind them I think.)

David taking London and Annie for a ride. 

Me...yes, I cropped my legs out of the picture.  Perks when you are the blogger.  

Eliza, Brett, and Isabelle

Nic and James

Travis and Heidi

We rented this huge trampoline one day.  Most of the time,  David would be the launcher.  He would jump as hard as possible on the launch pad and the kid sitting on it would go flying into the water.  I wish I could have captured some of the little kids and how far they flew! 

David had a serious workout that day.  

Sophie Rose

I have a picture like this with all my kids at this age.  They are always fascinated by the birds and enjoy chasing them up and down the beach. 

Luke and Isabelle

The little girls....London, Eliza, Isabelle, and Annie

Sadie and Abigail getting in some reading at the beach. 

I love that just sitting around the lake keeps the kids entertained for hours. The water is so shallow for so long, it is perfect for little ones. 

And big ones too...

It is so relaxing, that sometimes the kids just konk out. 

 This swimsuit of Annie's was our favorite! 
 I am so sad because this weekend at the hotel pool the chlorine was WAY to strong and bleached it out.  Boo.  (I know, serious problems here.)

These two are looking pretty cute with their matching beach do's.  They also have matching skinny little legs.  (Eliza and Isabelle)

Well, that's enough fun in the sun for now!  Now, I must rush around cleaning up the house as fast as I can, doing lots of laundry, and making a menu for the week...need to go grocery shopping!  The kids will be home before I know it. 

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