Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gray Skies in China

There is just so much good out there to read, look at, listen to.  You just have to find it.  Once you do, you will not have enough time to take it all in.

Recently, our bishop gave us a book to read.  It is called, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by bestselling author, Clayton M. Christensen.  He is a business professor at the Harvard Business School. Although his bestselling books are not particularly religious, this book is directed at members of our church.  He gives easy, practical ways to tell others about what we believe, and share "the good news" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   I learned a lot from it and went away inspired to be a better "everyday" missionary.  So inspiring!  It also takes the "stress" out of it, because there is really no pressure to "convert" or "baptize".  Just to invite others to learn more, or share what we believe openly and not be afraid!  You are just sharing with others something that has brought you great happiness.

Anyway, one of the gems I found in the book, doesn't even have much to do with missionary work.  He talks about a couple, Mara and Danny Kofoed that crated a blog called ablogaboutlove.  They are a couple living in Brooklyn, New York.  When I first visited their blog, I honestly was kind of is another "NYC" couple, that always look chic and fashionable, and live this fabulous lifestyle that I don't really relate to day in and day out.  And PS, they good looking.  If you read a lot of blogs, you know what I am talking about.

However,  I read a lot of their posts and they gave me a lot to think about.  Mara and Danny have not been without their own trials.  (Shocking, I know, EVERYONE has trials, even super stylish people that live in New York.)  This is a second marriage for both Danny and Mara.  Mara struggles with infertility.  Mara just has a REALLY positive, frank attitude about love and marriage and coping with trials.  I think her advice is really great for those married, singled, and divorced, about being happy NOW.  Everything she writes about is all stuff that we all know.  We have learned it over and over our whole life.  It is sometimes nice to just get a coarse refresher from a new perspective.  It is all about taking responsibility for YOUR OWN happiness and not letting your joy be dependent on ANYONE ELSE!  It's good stuff.  So, if you need a new blog to check's a good one!

On another note....we have been having some crazy weather around here.  I swear I look at the sky several times a day, and it is just amazing.  We really do live on such a beautiful planet.  My brother, David, travels all around the world.  He has made several trips to China this year.  A couple weeks ago our sky looked all gray and blah from all the fires we have had in the West this summer.   I was commenting on the yucky, grey, milky color of the sky and David said that the sky in China always looks like that due to the pollution.  He thought that once he got out of the city into the countryside the sky would look different.  It didn't,  it was still the same ashy colorless sky.  How sad it would be to never see the amazing clouds, sunrises, and sunsets that we enjoy almost everyday here.

Last Monday, we had an incredible thunderstorm all night and into the early morning.  It was the most thunder and lightening I have seen since our days living in Kansas.  Whenever I run into a storm like that, I quickly realize how small and powerless I am compared to God and His power.  It is easy to forget how powerful the forces of nature are!  This is what it looked like as the kids left the house for school.  

Due to my lack of camera skills, I was not able to capture the deep colors of pink and and the vibrant blue in the sky as the sun was rising over the valley.  This gives you an idea though...

The sun setting over Redonda Circle. 

I think I have seem more rainbows living here in Idaho, than anywhere else in my life.  Again, I didn't capture that amazing colors....but it was pretty neat.  

This past week the weather has been so up and down, in one direction there are dark storm clouds, and the other side of the valley is blue skies with white fluff clouds. 

My favorite time of day outside. 

The girls enjoying the rainbows.  

Bryant told them that Grandma Bogren has rainbows in her house everyday in Canada.  She has one of those lamps with crystals that shoot little rainbows everywhere.  Annie thinks that idea is pretty fascinating.

Another stormy sunset. 

I took these with my iPhone at the boy's soccer game.    

Every Wednesday, the storm clouds seem to miraculously find their way to our soccer field.   This Wednesday there were blue skies everywhere except right above us. 

I am so grateful for the beautiful sun, the clouds, and the skies above us each day.  Even if I complain about the dark rain clouds, I will take them.  They  make for beautiful views overhead.  I feel so sad for people, especially children, that don't get to see something as simple as the colors of the sky.

(Sky in China-I stole this off the internet.)

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  1. ohhhh! i love your sky pictures! I haven't read that book you mentioned but I have met him and heard him speak several times and I am a big fan! I am off to check out that blog you mentioned!