Monday, October 28, 2013

Luke's Baptism

I swear, once your first child hits a is like boom, boom, boom, everyone quickly follows.  
It seems like just yesterday THIS happened....

Joshua's Baptism in California

Shortly after we moved here, James was baptized. (I know you love those white jumpsuits!)

Michael was right around the corner...

And now ALL four boys have been baptized.  Wow, that went fast. 

Luke's baptism was extra special because he was baptized with his best friend, Gunnar. 

These two sister Missionaries helped prepare the boys by giving them lessons.  They became great friends with us.  Sister Wood (in the middle) is from England and she has been transferred to Rexburg.  We miss her! 

This is Bridgette, Gunnar's Mom, and his beautiful Grandma.  She is like 90 and looks pretty fabulous. 

Gunnar's sister, Aubrey, talking with Ryan over some Italian soda's and cookies. 

Joshua spoke on the Holy Ghost at the baptism.  He did an amazing job.  I was proud!

Lauren and Emmaline

Sadie and Emmaline (striking a selfie pose)

Our neighbor and friend, Mariah, with Grandpa

Mariah and Sophie

Things might have gotten a little wild after the baptism.  (It looks like we had a congo line going.) This is Keisha (neighbor/friend) Luke, Michael, and Gunnar. 

Luke, showing his post-baptism excitement. 

Hooray for being baptized.  

Our neighborhood doesn't have a ton of families with young we are pretty lucky that our little cul-da-sac has  all these hooligans running around.  It makes for lots of adventures and fort making. 

Gunnar and Luke with their baptism gifts.  Both got a nice new set of scriptures.  (Thanks, Nana and Papa!)

It really was a great evening.  The boys were so excited to be baptized.  Gunnar went down into the water first and when he came up out of the water Luke was watching in the wings and we could all hear him hollar with excitement, "How was it!!!!???"

Annie and James sang a duet.  Their cousins, Abigail and Sadie accompanied on the violin with Grandma on the piano.  We found out that James is a great singer.  He is a natural!

We had lots of good food....and we made Italian Sodas.  All the preparation and planning paid off.  We were so grateful to all our neighbors, friends, and family that came to support the boys.

And here is one last snapshot of the night...Sophie decided she wanted to wear my high heels.  She is at such a great stage.  She is so squishy, and lovable.  She says that funniest things.  Can't get enough of her cute smile. 

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