Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Swimming, Visits, and Graveyards in PC

I started writing about our trip to Park City back here.  However, I never finished!  Being in the mountains for the start of Fall is a great place to be.  Here is a quick recap of a few of our activities.  

The Garza family was even able to make it to celebrate Jennifer's birthday and spend our last night with us.  Here we are chatting it up with Chloe and getting ready to send the kids down to the pool.  

Sophie and Isabelle heading to the pool.  

Earlier in the week I drove to Provo with the girls to see Danielle.  We stopped in at her parents house and the kids were able to play and get acquainted.  Sophie...meet Gabe.  (Gabe is looking at her like, who is this girl taking over the train tracks?!)

Later the kids swam....

Sophie and Gabe bonded some more over a puzzle in the game room. 

And this cutie pie actually let me hold her and squish her for a bit while they stayed overnight with us in the PC. 

We tried to decide what kind of adventures to take the kids on.  We had heard about this old cemetery in Park City and decided to go check it out.  

I think some of the old tombstones are so beautiful.  PS I really like this one in case I die and you are reading this.  

Here are the kids at the gate of the cemetery...some of them might be acting like zombies.  

There were so many graves for young children.  Many families buried baby after baby.  I can't imagine.  I thought the little saying on this tomb was so sweet.  

I posted this  next collage on Instagram after a visit from the Ballard Cousins.  They were able to come up to swim and play another night and we had lots of fun.  
I noted on the post, 
"I found these and several other pics on my phone this morning.  These two crack me up.  #mightbemyfavoritepreteens #popsavy #needtheirowntalkshow 

Emily, their mom and my cousin, responded: 
 "I think they might just need their own personal visiting teachers who will come and listen to them talk."  

I thought that was hilarious.  

 Rachel wrote:  "Photo cred: Annie" 

We were glad Jennifer could come down so we could party it up for her birthday!

Thank goodness for Uncle Brett and Grandma providing her with some birthday treats.  

These guys must have been exhausted after all the partying. 

Cozy Cousins

Brett definitely got an A for effort in the Birthday Treat Department, however, this pie was deemed nasty by all who partook.  Don't bother with Banana Cream at Frontier Pies, not worth the calories! 

Four cuties...my girls LOVE these two.  They want to play with them every day of their life. 

When the Ballards were in town the first night we all went to Vinto's to eat, thanks to Steve's great suggestion.  It was so tasty, we had to go back so that is where we went for Jennifer's Birthday.  (Just Jennifer, Abigail, and I...it was sooooooo yummy!) 

I snapped this picture as we left town.  It was such a beautiful day, this might be heaven to me!  

Nic and James on our way out. 

The blue sky, the snow on top of the colorful mountains, it was all just so pretty.  We were able to listen to Conference all the way home and it made for a perfect end to our trip! 

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