Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Sleep in 2014 (with a few Christmas Photos)

I have been taking my time thinking about new resolutions for 2014.  I decided one of them is to get more sleep.  I am a natural night owl.  Having kids didn't really help with this because I quickly found the time to get a lot done, or to have any peace at all, was when the kids were finally asleep.  However, NO MORE!  :)  Well, at least not on a regular basis.  I would really like to be an early bird, but I am not going to be too unrealistic here.  Baby steps, I am starting with bedtime.  Why?

-I find I am a grumpier, less patient mom when I don't get enough sleep.  

-The morning is dreadful and getting worse as I get older.  When I have to pull myself up to get the kids ready for school I need to be on my game.  If I haven't gotten enough sleep I feel like a truck hit me and I might die.

-I started noticing about a year or so ago, if I don't sleep for a couple of nights in a row, almost IMMEDIATELY I can feel my lymph nodes start swelling and I start to come down with something.  It is crazy.  How did I do it for so many years?  Seriously, now if I don't sleep…I can guarantee I will get sick.

-Not sleeping makes me fat.  I think that is why when I have a newborn and I am so sleep deprived I don't lose a pound.  When I am tired, I eat to keep myself awake.  Humans have basic needs and when one is not met, you make up for it in other ways.  I know there is science behind this, but basically, when I am tired, I eat more.  When I have had good sleep it makes it SO much easier to eat right.  

-I heard about this article.  It says that not getting enough sleep actually makes you LOSE BRAIN TISSUE.  It lowers your IQ the next day.  It causes chemical reactions in your brain that are similar to what happens after a blow to the head. *Earth to Ryanare you reading this?* Ryan has been known to go DAYS with NO sleep.  He regularly goes without sleep.  During sleep your brain gets rid of damaging toxins.  And catch this,  "Professor Benedict also said his study could support previous studies which linked a lack of sleep with increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis." SAY WHAT?  I don't need me any Alzheimer's, no thank you.  

I used to kind of nod at people that "required" eight hours of sleep a day and think, "oh, that would be nice, wish we all had that luxury."  You hear that US Presidents and CEO's go on like 5-6 hours of sleep.  If they can do it for their important jobs, than I can do it for my important job as the CEO of this house!  I prided myself that I didn't need a lot of sleep.  But, you  know what?  That is just stupid. I now realize sleep is up there with exercise and eating right.  In fact, I think it might be harder for me than both of those.  Life is short, I can sleep later, right?  Wrong, I think lack of sleep just might put me in the grave earlier.

SO, my goal is to go to bed by 11pm every night.  I know, not too early, but baby steps. I hope to move it to 1030pm eventually, but right now I know that is not going to happen.

Okay, on to some pictures we took right before Christmas.  The Sunday and Monday before Christmas were great days.  Here are some of the happy times…

Backtrack to a couple of pictures I found from the Primary Christmas Party…
Sophie enjoyed frosting cookies.  When I was a kid I didn't like the frosting, I loved plain sugar cookies.  Sophie is the opposite.  She licks off the frosting and leaves the cookies.  It works perfect when we have Oreos around. I always scrape of the centers…the idea of eating shortening with sugar grosses me out.  (It hasn't stopped me when it comes to other baked goods.)  Sophie to the rescue, she only eats the center of the Oreo and leaves the rest to the dogs.  (Or to Mom, whomever finds her discarded treats first.)  

And look at this, Ryan DID get one picture of Santa with Michael.  One is better than none. 

Sunday before Christmas Family Photo.  
(Would have been a little better BEFORE Church instead of after when the kids have been wrestling around, but it works.  This is where my mantra "Let it Go" needs to come in.)  

Most of the kids just wanted to get the picture over with, but Sophie was just so dang excited about everything.  I swear she was some version of this for most of the pictures.  

Ryan and I...

James was trying to humor me in this picture with a smile.  Thanks, James, you sure are cute!

Silly pictures of Annie and Sophie

Monday I went got up and went to Sam's Club early and saw the Gingerbread Houses were on sale.  Sweet.  I grabbed two and it kept the boys entertained all afternoon while I made caramels.  

Team one…Michael, James, and cousin Nic.  

Team two-Joshua, Holden, and Luke.  

It is serious business building a Gingerbread House, and just so you know, forget the frosting to initially put the house together.  Just grab the glue gun, much stronger and easier!  (A little tip I learned from mi madre.)  

Well, that is it for now!  It is 10:39 and if I am going to make my goal I better get Crack-a-lackin.  So sad, I really want to turn on some TV and watch something mindless for a bit, or read the new book I borrowed from my mom, or write in journals that I didn't get to that today, or clean up the house a bit.  Wait, I could throw in a load of laundry.  See my line of thinking this time of night?  I just have to tell myself,  "NO!  JUST GO TO BED."  I know I will be glad I did in the morning.  

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