Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinewood Derby TIme, It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year...

It was a huge blessing Nana and Papa rolled into town the week of the Pinewood Derby.  I don't know how we would have done it without Papa to help!  As usual, we started only a couple nights before the big event.  So, first week back to school after Christmas Break…and it is Pinewood Derby week.  Sweet.  

Since Gunnar's Dad was gone that week, it was a triple car making project for the guys.  Each kid drew their own design and a sweet neighbor down the street helped them out with a saw.  They were each pretty happy about how they turned out.  (See Joshua moving the Monopoly Game in the back, the boys have been kind of obsessed with Monopoly lately.  And just so you know I won my first game EVER against them all.)

I posted this picture on social media and got some heat since there were no boys involved.  I just thought the picture was so funny.  So much focus and concentration happening.  The stress of getting it just right at the last minute.  The project pretty much overtook my kitchen for three solid days.  The boys really did do a lot.  They designed their own cars, sanded them down, picked out their own colors and painted them alone, but there is just a rule when it comes to wheels.  Anyone who tries to tell you their son did their own wheels is lying.  Ok, maybe there are a FEW out there, but I would say 95% of the time the wheels are all the men.  During the installation of the wheels it is, "BACK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!"  The boys are not even allowed within "bumping" distance during this critical step in the process.  

 It really was a group project and I was proud of them for getting them done and making some great memories in the process.  THANK YOU, PAPA!  You were truly a lifesaver.  

 Luke made his car a "BYU" car.  

When Michael originally picked his colors and told me what he was doing I didn't see the vision.  I recommended a fire engine red or doing all silver.  When I saw the finished paint job I was glad he went with his own ideas.  It was really unique and classic looking.  I think it was my favorite!  I wish I had a close up, because at the last minute he glued a lego guy to the back of the car hanging on for dear life and it was pretty cute!

I have a ton of pictures  of Michael from this night and he would be so embarrassed if he saw them.  However, he doesn't read this, so I am posting them anyway because they crack me up. When I ever have him "pose" for a picture his personality doesn't seem to come through.  This time I caught him in action.   He thought it was so dumb I was having him wave this flag.  

 The "Pit" with all the guys adding extra black powder (whatever that is) to the cars, tweaking things here and there between heats.  

Gunnar chose to do an Army themed car.  He drew the shape and chose all the colors.  I was pretty impressed with the end product.  We told him it might not be as aerodynamic when he wanted to carve it that shape, so it might not be the fasted, but at least it really looked awesome.  Well, what did we know!?  He got third place over all with some very serious competitors out there!  He was so proud and happy and so were Dad and Papa. 

The crowd of spectators...

In the first few rounds Michael's car was just not doing as well as we had hoped.  You could see the disappointment on his face as this is his last Pinewood Derby.  However, his car started to get better and faster with each heat.  On this heat he got FIRST PLACE and we all cheered so loud.  He could not contain his smile...

But he also thought it was embarrassing that we were making such a racket!  "Shhhhh guys, its not that big of a deal."  

When he did it a second time we all cheered loud again, and he was smiling and giggling with happiness and embarrassment (of all the attention) at the same time.  

 It made me so happy to see him so happy!

Was he first over all?  No, but I would say his last Pinewood Derby was a great success. 

I love that our pack lets them do so many heats, the boy have so much fun with it.   It is weird how the same cars will perform differently each time.  In this heat these two TIED EXACTLY for first place.  THAT was pretty cool.  A best friend tie.  

Grandma with one of her old favorites from her Primary Teaching days.  

So much excitement to see whose car will pull ahead.  It always makes me sad for the cars that lose.   I guess it makes for good stories down the road.  (JOSHUA)


It seems like just yesterday that I had these older brothers in Wolves.  

Hurray for Pack 727! (Love all the various levels of attention we have going on here.)

Eleven Pinewood Derbies down, only TWO more to go!  

I don't think I will miss it too much to be honest. 

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