Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sophie is THREE

I can't believe my baby is three today.  With all of the other kids by this point, I either had another child, or I was pregnant.  

Here is Annie on her third Birthday with Sophie.  

Michael turning three. He was so into sharks.  He also shaved his head this day, by himself.  

On Joshua's third Birthday, he was pretty bummed out for some reason.  When we sang him the happy birthday song, he muttered under his breath, "I hate that stupid song."  Ahhhh, sweet memories. 

At age three he was too cool to smile for pictures.  

I am seriously bummed that my first two children were born before the whole "electric picture" thing.  Looking for old pictures makes me feel overwhelmed and WAY behind at organizing things in my life.   This picture was a little before James turned three.  

This was the actual birthday, thank goodness for Nana and Papa's pics.  I made him this Lion Cake. 

And finally…Luke.  I think Luke and Sophie could be twins.  Girl and Boy version of a Bogren Baby.  

Pictures have definitely come a long way, even in the past few years.  I could only find a couple pictures of Annie on her birthday.  I went to take a few of Sophie and in a matter of seconds I had too many to choose from.  Part of it is that she does makes all these crazy faces all on her own. I tell her to smile, and she makes a kissy face, then she frowns, then she tilts her head….finally, I say, "Sophie, just give me one good smile, PLEASE!"  Usually, it doesn't work.  But, the faces she gives me make me laugh and so who could complain?


Three years ago, we were here.  What a sweet surprise to add another little girl to our home. 

Our family was complete.  

The first year always flies by. 

Second Birthday…it only takes two years for little girls to already know JUST what they want to wear and not be told any different.  

I don't know what we did on her birthday, but we sang to the birthday girls later at a family gathering since we didn't do cake on the actual day.  

What a year it has been!  Fun at Bear Lake...


Mom and Sophie at the Beach...

Fun with the boys...



Not usually wanting to stand still long enough to snap a picture. 

One of your favorite activities...

This year you say good bye to all the kids, and we get to spend the mornings with just us.  You miss Annie and the boys though and always ask if there is school in the morning.

Playing with friends...


This is what you wanted to be for Halloween.  However, you didn't call it a dragon.  I think you thought you were a butterfly.

You still love your dad.  While he was gone last week the first thing out of your mouth EVERY morning was, "Is Dada home yet?".

Christmas Excitement...

You are forever climbing on the counter to get a closer look at what I am doing.  This is pretty much your spot in the kitchen.

I love having those yummy arms around me when you fall asleep.

Looking all grown up.

Mom and Dad went to Texas and you stayed with the Pollards.  They not only babysat her, but they potty trained her that week!  She called Jennifer her "other mommy".  Sister wives.

You love to go to church and nursery.

Heading off to the pool...

Dressing Fancy with Annie.

More fun with Emmaline...

Somedays things just don't start off on the right foot.  You are not intimidated by dogs at all and you will shoe them away…I can see why!

Being the sixth kid mean's lots of time in the car.

I hate to admit it, but your favorite spot to sleep is still in, "Mommy's bed."

A typical morning, heading out to the car to pick up or drop off kids.

We went bowling while Nana and Papa were here last week.  You loved it, even came home with a few injuries.  (A purple chin.)

"I love to see the Temple."

Happy Birthday, Sophie Rose!  We sure love you to pieces.

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