Monday, July 28, 2014

DAY 3 Summer Evenings and a Funny Joke

This weekend seemed like the first weekend this Summer that we didn't have any major plans, we were not on a trip, packing for a trip, it was just nice doing a little yard work, relaxing, going on a quick date for Mexican, and visiting with good friends.  

While I was at the store, Ryan sent me a picture of his new assistant.  (Email me if you want to know where we got the wallpaper or carpet, or if you want to know any paint colors for our office.  Just jokes, just jokes.) 

We had a surprise visit from some good friends that moved to St George last year.  We wish they still lived here!  I got to hold this cutie, Walter, all night.  He is only 12 days old and he didn't make a peep.  I told her I would keep him for her, but she didn't want to leave him.  I can't imagine why! 

Kristy and Joe invited us over for Brownies and Ice Cream.  We enjoyed a perfect summer evening talking as the sun went down. The kids loved their yard. 

The boys could not resist starting a fire even though it was plenty warm outside.  I think if we had a fire pit they kids would be sitting around it every night.  That may be a good idea...we would be stinky, but I might be able to hold their attention a little better for things like Scripture Study, or family chats.   

Annie (and Michael W in the back!) 

The girls just love talking to Joe. I don't even know what they like to tell him, but they sure love him!

Even though he doesn't look like a Grandpa, he is, so he must just have that "grandpa" thing going where little kids love him!

I was really wishing I had my regular camera with me...such great lighting and it was such a pretty night.  I tried to get some things with my iPhone and it just didn't turn out as great, but at least I captured the moment! 


They have the greatest tree in their back yard that wraps around the whole fire pit.  There is even a great story to go with it. 

It was sure nice to chat with other adults and friends.  

Thanks for the great evening, guys!  

The evening kind of ended abruptly when Luke was pushing Sophie on the swing and she did a full front flip out of the swing and started crying, and crying, and crying. We all piled nosily in the car.    James said he was not feeling too well...and when we got home he said, "I just want to go to sleep!"  What? The would be a phrase this child has never said...ever.  I knew he must have gotten the fever a couple of the other kids had already had that week.  The only bummer was Scout Camp started today.  He is going to stay home and rest and probably go up with Ryan tomorrow.  

And finally, I leave you with a joke in honor of all the moths we have flying around in our house upstairs.  I HATE moths and we have no AC and no screens, so that equals moths.  

Ha, ha, ha, ha...that joke makes me laugh out loud.  

PS You bet I am counting this post as Sunday's post for my 100 Days of Blogging.   :)

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