Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DAY 5- Summer Sickness, Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

This Summer we have had several bugs hit our household.   Doesn't the virus and bacteria world know that it is Summer and they need to take a hike!?  At least it has spared the family on trips, camps, and vacations so I will forgive the Summer Sickness.  

Annie had a 36 hour stomach flu.  I was VERY grateful that no one else came down with it.  Grateful and surprised.

A couple weeks back Sophie woke up, not only to a messy house (see background) but with what seemed at first like an allergic reaction.  

The day before she had been out in the sun all day, could it be a weird sunburn? 

Sophie is not one to burn easily, and after it spread to her legs, someone suggested it might be Fifth Disease, also known as Slapped-Cheek Rash.  I remembered she had seemed a little warm and been fussy and irritable the previous days.  I am pretty sure that was what she had.  However, once they have the rash, they are no longer contagious. 

Luke came down with it as well, but his symptoms were very mild.  

Exactly a week ago today, Sophie was super clingy one morning, and by afternoon she was warm with a fever and just wanted to be held.  The next day, I was either holding her or she was sleeping.  About 48 hours later, she had made a full recovery.  She woke up and announced, "I not sick anymore."  

On Friday, Michael came down with the same thing.  However, he complained that he was near to death.  His throat has been KILLING him.  

Sunday afternoon  James took a nap.  
We knew he was a goner.  James never naps.  
He missed the first day of Scout Camp.  

Ryan left to take James up to Scout Camp today.  An hour later, Joshua came home from work, you guessed it, sick.  

So now Joshua has the illness.  He went to bed this afternoon and I haven't heard from him since.  

So, pretty much everyone has been hit with something.  Ryan had a terrible cold/body-ache-thing leading up to his river rafting trip.  He finally had to take an antibiotic to kick it.  I chalked him getting sick up to the fact that he is known to go days with no sleep. 

The only person to stay healthy?  ME.  After a couple years of getting sick ALL THE TIME.  I have had a pretty awesome streak- Barely even a cold this year.  It has been YEARS since I went a whole winter with no major cold/fever/flu type thing.  I have tried to make sure I don't go on less than six hours of sleep and I try for eight, although I usually never get that.  I think my sleep has made a big difference.  

Now I am going to go do a huge KNOCK ON WOOD, and go to bed.  Tomorrow is my Birthday, and the way this flu has moved up the family,  I should be next. ("Aint Nobody Got Time for That")  I especially "don't got time for that."  I have my birthday, and I have a Court Deposition at 10am.  You heard me.  I have to go testify in my neighbor's divorce case.  That should be REAL fun.  Nighty, night! 

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