Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First 24 hours of our Trip

December is here, and it is going to be a busy month.  However, compared to the last couple months of crazy...I've got this!  I have started putting up a few decorations.  Just a little at a time. I don't know how much I will do this year.  However, no matter how much a try to keep it simple, I usually can't help myself and I end up decorating to the hilt.   While in CA, my Mother-in-law gave me full permission to play around and decorate some of her house.  I just love to do it! If anyone else wants to cook for, feed, and entertain my children to the max I will be happy to come decorate for you too! 

Now...on to our Thanksgiving week.  I brought my good camera to CA, but forgot my memory card.  So, it was all iPhone photos for me. 

Getting out of town is always the craziest part of the whole trip for me.  This time was especially nuts because I didn't want to leave the house in such a crazy state of unpacking/moving-in-madness.  I ended up pulling a couple practically all nighters to get out of here.  The actual day we left I told the kids I needed lots of help if they wanted to get off to see Nana.  It was the first time I have seen Sophie so motivated to work.  She spent about an hour meticulously folding her pile of laundry.  It was so cute I had to document it. 

EVERYONE, especially my older boys, were pining away for a van after this trip.  We are all officially over the suburban for long trips.  Santa, could you please bring us an extended van?  Thanks, that would be great. 

We arrived in Lodi at 4am.  After sleeping in that morning (at least some of us did) we all headed out to the park.  Lodi was just beautiful all week. We could not have asked for better weather.  

Check out that Nana...

I wish I could figure out how to upload the tricks Joshua was doing on the swings.  We got some crazy slow-mo footage of some stunts and crashes. 

Getting the kids to pose for a family picture was no easy task.  It reminds me why I still don't have a picture for our Christmas Card yet. 

Lunch was at In-n-Out.  When you are Nana, you get to park however you want. 

We have so many pictures of the boys in this tree.  This trip when they saw it they could not get over how "small" it seemed now.  

Our first item of business while in California was some desperately needed haircuts from our favorite barber ever.  

After all the boys and Ryan had been cleaned up the Barber and his family headed out to get pizza with us.  Every time we see these guys it makes me miss them and we pick up right where we left off. 

The little boys...

The big boys...
 I posted that one on instagram.  "When did this happen?"  #growingup

These guys are all crack ups.  That's Ryan and Rion in the back. 
 Just looking at these pictures makes me smile. 

 I sure hope that Katelyn comes to BYU up in Rexburg next year.  

After we pretty much got booted out of the Pizza place because they were closing, we headed back to Lodi.  In 24 hours we had driven from Idaho and had a full day of fun in Cali.  
It was a great start to our week. 


  1. How do you get your pictures so big? Mine always upload tiny.

    1. Just right click on the picture after it is uploaded and then select xlarge for picture. It will have small, medium, large. My sister told me and makes a "big" difference! :)