Friday, November 4, 2011


Halloween already seems so long ago.  It was a great day, but I felt like we were "rushing" a little too much! James was sick and I was in charge of his class party at school.  I rushed around all morning getting last minute stuff for that.  Then it was a rush to the school (I brought him with me even though he was still sick) for the big parade and party. Then we rushed home, rushed getting ready for the next event-the ward Trunk-or-Treat.  We didn't even get dinner in. "Sorry kids, looks like we are having Reeces cups and Skittles for dinner tonight."  Then we rushed all over the hill and neighborhoods trying to get in as many houses as we could.  It seems the whole day was rush, rush, rush!  I never get in as much as I plan. I had planned on making cute little pumpkin pancakes for breakfast-never made it.  We never even got to carving pumpkins this year-gasp! Overall though, we had a lot of fun and that is what matters! Sophie looked cute all day in her Halloween outfit the Garzas gave her when they came.  It was so cute! I wish I had a better picture of her in it. 

The kids posed for an official Halloween photo before we ran out the door.  Michael was Captain Jack Sparrow. Sophie is a bumble bee, James is the banana, Joshua is Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, Anne is a dragon, and Luke is the clown.  Anne had planned to be a butterfly all along.  (The girls would both be going with the insect theme.)  At the last minute she insisted she wear one of her brothers old Dragon outfits.  Ryan tried to talk her out of it, but that is our Anne-very opinionated.  She looked cute and stayed warm.  I will have you know that the clown wig Luke is wearing was from my childhood. My mom used to wear it when she dressed as a witch for our class parties.  She also made his outfit. 
James could not decide what he wanted to be and since he was sick he was not in the mood to figure it out.  I called home from Kmart that day and said, "Hey, I found a banana costume on sale!" He thought it sounded great so we went with it. 
Here we are at the Neighborhood Trunk-or-Treat in the Church parking lot.  It last for about 10 minutes and the older kids went around about 5 times and got a ton of candy. Sophie is like thinking, "This stinks, it is way too cold and I am not even getting any candy!"

I have to admit I saw the idea for this costume on another blog.  It was a hit and perfect for Joshua. He had so much fun quoting Kip all night.

Michael looked so good, I wish I would have taken a picture of him earlier in the day to get the full effect. 

Since we moved to Idaho it has become a tradition to go down to our cousins the Pollards neighborhood and meet up.  We took a picture after they had made their way through the neighborhood. It was so cold!  We then piled in the suburban and headed up the hill to hit a few more houses.  They would all cheer if they went to a house that gave them a "FULL SIZE CANDY BAR!"  Michael could not believe people were so nice to just give away, "FREE CANDY!" and he also was impressed that a few people we went to must have been "SO RICH" because they had a "REAL FLAG POLE in their yard!"  It was a lot of fun.

Then the kids came home and did the usual-dump out their bags and compare their loot.

Some of Joshua's friends drove by and picked up Joshua so he went with them for most of the night.  He was happy with their finds. 

Even Sophie got in on the action, trying to get any candy she could get her hands on.

As a child I was always sad when Halloween was over, it meant 365 days until we got to do it all over again! 


  1. Dane here... It looks like you guys had so much fun! Everyone looks AWESOME and I cannot stop laughing when I see Joshua's picture. :) I think I showed the picture you text us to everyone I know. What were you and Ryan dressed up as? Overworked Parents? :)