Friday, November 11, 2011

I now have a teenager...a year in review.

Happy 13th Birthday, Joshua!

Turning 12 was big. In our church that is the age that you are ordained to the Priesthood-which does not mean you become a priest like in the Catholic Church-however, you do get certain responsibilities and it is a pretty big deal!  You graduate to bigger and better things. And now THIRTEEN...I officially have a teenager in the house! What?  How did that happen?  Joshua seems to manage to elude the camera often...I think I have the fewest pictures of him out of all the other kids.  I do have some good ones though! Here is a review of the last year starting with a picture of him on his last birthday.
 Joshua always manages to find time to goof around, especially while doing dishes, and having a broken leg didn't slow things down!
 Since the doctor would not let him ski with his broken leg, he resorted to sledding down steep hills.

 Another big change-a new baby sister, Sophie Rose.
 Joshua loves being with his cousins and I wish I had a picture of him with Holden or Chloe too! That will definately be a priority when we come out and see them for Thanksgiving. I was lucky and got to hang out with these three last night and they are a riot!
 I think Joshua will kill me for this one.  I can't help it, I think it is so funny.  They were doing a play at the Pollards house and he is wearing Aunt Jennifer's old prom dress.  Lookin' good, Joshua, lookin' good.
 I have lots of pictures with this face.  He HATES smiling for pictures on demand. 
 (Unless he is with his cousins or friends that is, and for that I am grateful!)
 Another one he will kill me for...don't worry Joshua, about three people read my blog.
 I love this picture.  I had just picked up Joshua from the Trek he went on with our Stake.  He had to wear "pioneer" clothing and they pushed a handcart, slept outside, and did lots of walking. He had  GREAT time.  I was trying to get a picture of his face to show how dirty he was.  He was brown from the sun and dirt and very tired.  (But what a cute pioneer, don't you think?)
 Having fun celebrating his cousin Holden's Birthday. (No, we are not in Hawaii...that is Bear Lake!)
 He had lots of fun at the Cook Family Reunion in Lava Hotsprings.
 Joshua didn't hesitate to jump off the platform high would not catch Mom doing that! 

 1st day of MIDDLE SCHOOL! 

 Kickin' it at a Hillcrest Football game this Fall.
 I had to put this picture in here, not for Sophie or Ryan, but because Joshua is doing one of his favorite activities, playing games on his ipod Touch. He is most likely planting a garden for his Smurfs or something worthwhile like that.
 Joshua had so much fun this Halloween. He better enjoy it since he is now the big 1-3!

Joshua is a great kid!  I could not be more proud of him.  He does great in school, he always helps around the house.  He is dependable.  He makes me laugh.  He is fun to hang out with.  I love going to the store with him, or just hang out singing with him in the kitchen.  I could go on and on, but I will save it for his journal and not further embarrass him here.  
We love you, Joshua!  Have a GREAT Birthday!

PS I swear it was just yesterday he looked like this-

PPS Most people call him Josh now.  :(


  1. So fun! He is such a cute kid! You have a beautiful family! And how fun that you have a blog.

  2. just saw your blog through facebook - i CANNOT believe your kids are this old!!! what a darling family you guys have! good work :)

  3. I can't believe he is 13! Seems like just yesterday you were bringing him home to your little provo apt.! So glad you have a blog now.... And yes, I thought the half was another baby.... Glad you clarified. :)

  4. Hi! You have such a beautiful family! Oh would I love a baby!!

  5. Happy birthday Joshua!! He really is the best kid... Ever :). We are so excited to see you guys for thanksgiving!!