Saturday, July 21, 2012

Birthday Party for Three

Since James, Anne, and Luke's Birthday's all fall within a couple weeks I decided to have one big "pool party bash"!  We had the party on Luke's Birthday.  That morning a few thunderstorms were due on the horizon, but luckily they held off until after the party.  We reserved the Ammon City Pool and that made things pretty simple. I could have sworn I took more pictures, but I guess when you are trying to play hostess to that many people, pictures just don't always happen.  This is what I did get-


Great friend holding another Great friend's cute "little" baby!  (I just wanna squeeze her!)

Michael with our next door BFF, Gunnar.

The REAL Birthday Boy!

Fun on the diving board...there goes Lauren.



Uncle Brett and Aunt Jennifer

Heidi holding Sophie.  If you are wondering what wonderful refreshment everyone is is Gold Fish Crackers.  (Get it

Annie was having so much fun with all the friends around I could barely get a picture.

Neighbor friend, Naomi.

And here is the Birthday crew.  I made mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes (that was tricky, not having them melt) and we did push pops for ice-cream.  

The only hard thing about having a 3-in-1 party was the gift part.  It got a little hectic and hard to keep track of who gave who what.  We felt so happy that so many friends and family came to celebrate with us!

We passed out bags of swedish fish and a few other candies and told everyone goodbye.  
Just as the party ended thunder clouds rolled in.  Perfect.

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  1. Wow! Your sisters look gorgeous! Just as I remember!