Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Few Days at Bear Lake

Every year at Bear Lake we take the kids up Logan Canyon to do a little hike.  We always do the same hike, and stop at the same places to take pictures.  It is perfect for kids, just the right length!  

Luke and Michael found this little guy.  He was crawling right in the middle of our path, and luckily they were able to save his life by moving him to a little leaf.  

Some of the cousins...

Emmaline and Annie.  My sister said I looked like a lady from the 40's taking a jaunt in the woods.  (In my house dress I guess?) I will take it...I love the 40s!


More pictures of Annie with Emmaline...

This is the only picture we got of our entire immediate family the whole trip.  There were several better ones, but they were blurry.  You take what you can get. 

Chloe and Annie 
On a side note, Annie is quite good at posing for pictures, but hiking, not so much.  She tried to get anyone she could find to carry her.  It was just so hard.  (We told her to buck up!)

I think she was jealous of Sophie having all the fun on Dad's back. 

So much fun she fell asleep. 

Joshua at the end of the hike. 

The next day we hit the beach! Grandma took Luke, Annie, and Michael out for a spin on our new boat. :)

Sophie was not one bit afraid of the water!  This is her bee-lining it for the lake.


Uncle Travis rented this trampoline and everyone had a great time on it! Even I gave it a whirl, despite the fact that I was having a good-hair day and really didn't want to get it wet.  I threw caution to the wind and jumped in!

More Annie, I can't help it...she is the only one that wants to pose for Mom. 

See what I mean?

Ryan, living life on the wild side under the canopy, with his phone...don't get me started!

Buried alive...

Sadie and Abigail burying Joshua

He was enjoying his new buff body. 

Michael spent hours making a castle.

Isabelle...looking so cute at the beach.

The lake is seriously so blue and clear.  However, the way the water levels were, the beach was all murky and slimy.  These two didn't mind.

It seems every thing about our week at Bear Lake becomes a tradition...including these messy jaw breaker suckers that everyone insists on buying.  They last ALL week.  Their tongues get raw from licking them.  The kids drag them around the condo, the pool, the beach.  I would see some of the little kids walking around "trying" out each sucker.  By the end of the week they are seriously nasty.  But that is okay.  They love them. 

That wraps up our first few days at Bear Lake.  Now I just have to sort through about 500 more pictures to finish up the rest of the week!


  1. Cute! That blue dress is a great color on you! You look fab!

  2. Makes me so bummed that I had to miss out on all the fun. Thanks for posting some pictures. Your blog is the only one that I ever check, keep it up.

    Miss you guys.

    1. MIss you guys! While I was doing this post I was thinking of your family and how we wish you could have come! Nice to hear you ck it out! XOXO

  3. Thanks Natalie - great pictures! I'm glad you have some of the "older" kids, because you are right, only the "little" girls want to pose.