Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Seems like just yesterday I was taking a picture of this-

Man alive, I was HUGE with Luke.  I switched doctors and insurance in the middle of my pregnancy.  I was a little sneaky and told my new doctor a different due date.  (long story)  Then my new doctor was going to be out of town and since I had a history of larger babies she said she would agree to induce me a week and a half early.  Technically...that was THREE weeks early.  I was so worried heading to the hospital that my little baby might be too small.  I would feel so guilty.

I had the best delivery EVER!  My first REAL EPIDURAL!  It was amazing! I loved my doctor, my nurses, the students that I let come in.  Everything was perfect.  So was this little baby boy.  Yep, he was 9 pounds, 15 ounces at 37 weeks.  (Come on...wish he could have sucked in a little fluid and made up that extra 1.2 ounces, I still say he was ten pounds.)

Man, it was crazy at first with four little boys under six.  Seriously.

His first year at Bear Lake...just a few weeks old.  I don't think he likes it. 

His First Birthday- we celebrated at Nana and Papa's.  I made this cake that I copied from Martha.  It was so cute.  What a happy baby.

I love this picture of him laying on our good friend's daughter, Raegan.  It shows how thick he was.  I just love those cheeks.  He is all sweaty and full of love. 

His Second Birthday...held at the Apple Pool while visiting in Idaho Falls.

I have never had to worry about Luke jumping in the pool alone.  He has always been so laid back and easy going, totally content kicking it on the side step of the pool.  Or even better yet, he would prefer a hot tub.  Forget the pool. 

His next few birthdays always seemed to fall on the week we go to Bear Lake. Here he is on his third-

I love in this one how he is eyeing those nice "homemade" cupcakes with such delight. 

4th Birthday-Bear Lake.

At Fireworks, with Mom...almost five.

5th Bear Lake again.  You can see he was totally into Star Wars, still is. We didn't name him Luke for nothin'!  (Luuuke...I am your father.)

Okay, now the sad part. I don't have a picture on the computer of his 6th Birthday!  AHHHH, I REALLY need to get all my photos on here.  But here are some other cute ones instead...

Luke and Annie all ready for Church. 

Christmas Eve...he was dressed up as a Wise man earlier and still has a nice little mustache.

Luke is always writing me the nicest, most sincere letters. I love them. 

Luke came up with this great idea for our New Year's hat party. 

Papa and Luke

I love this little movie of Luke showing me how he can jump rope. 

Luke is really just the biggest sweetheart.  He melts my heart pretty much everyday.  He still lets me kiss his cute cheeks and never complains.  He is slow to anger, and very forgiving.  Sometimes we tease him because not only is he slow to anger, but he is slow to get ready, put his shoes on, or eat his breakfast.  This little boy is just NOT in a hurry EVER.  He is just content, all the time, and that is a great thing to be!  He is so loving and kind and wants everyone around him to be happy.  He will often sacrifice something of his own to make someone else happy.

 Luke is awesome at making his bed and likes it made so much that sometimes he will try and sleep on top of the covers or sneak in his brother's bed just so he doesn't mess up his own.  He is also great at feeding the dogs and making sure they have water.  He is the only one in the family that is always keeping tabs on the dogs and if he can't find one he will get very worried and concerned.  

Luke plays with our neighbor Gunnar almost everyday.  He has had a faithful crush on a little girl in his class named Nicole all year.  Luke LOVES his primary teacher, Sister Holverson.  He loves her sugar cookies so much she makes them for him and brings them over.  Luke also loves raspberries, and peanut butter play doe.  

I could tell a million little stories of things Luke does everyday to put others needs first and to just be kind.  I could not ask for anything else.  I am so grateful for the seven wonderful years he has been in our family.  He is nothing but joy, and we love having him around.  

Happy Birthday, Luke!  
We love you!

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