Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday at Bear Lake

Ryan was so lucky as to get to spend his Birthday at Bear Lake this year!  It was a pretty fun day.  We started off by going on a group bike ride around Garden City.  

This was one of the groups...


And the winning team....(That's Ryan and I's team if you can't tell!)

 After the bike ride we had THE BEST SNOWCONES in the world.  I am serious about that.  We eat a lot of snow cones in this part of the United States of America.  The ones sold at this shack in Bear Lake are the best ever. 

No, this is not a snow cone that Joshua is is a sucker!  (I told you...)

Cousins enjoying their refreshing treat.

Since Holden's Birthday is also during Bear Lake he gets a giant snow cone every year.  Joshua got one too...he had to buy it. 

The Birthday Boy!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN!  (He got to have a giant too...they are called Volcanos.)

Right after all the fun and excitement that morning we had a near-death experience.  Ryan and I both were not back to the condo yet.  Michael had gone back with one of the other relatives.  He was eating a plum and started choking.  He ran up to Aunt Heidi and started motioning that he could not breathe.  She did the Heimlich maneuver on him.  The plum came up, but he sucked the seed back down.  It was pretty scary for all involved, but Michael was fine in the end.  Just very scared.  Grandma realized about 10 minutes into the disaster that Luke had run way and was crying in the back of the condo.  He was so worried about his brother.  Pretty sweet.  It is crazy to think how fast a carefree morning of fun could turn tragic fast.  We felt blessed that everyone acted fast in our absence and everything was fine. 

Grandma comforts Luke.  James looks like he is doing pretty fine. 

Michael still not doing too fine.  (A week later he is still suffering post-traumatic stress.)  Ryan took good care of him. 

I decided the best place for Michael to forget about his worries would be to head down to the beach.  That seems to make everyone feel better.

Ryan's request for his birthday was to hang out at the "diving board" pool.  It looks like Michael was fully recovered in these pictures.  Ryan had him flying high!

You can see why Ryan likes to hang out at the pool!  In his old age, he still did the best tricks at the pool!  You wouldn't know he was a day older than 16!  :)

I am watching the opening to the Olympics as I type this and after viewing these moves at Bear Lake, I think maybe Ryan should be in London!  Check out that full-twist flip!  

Hope you have a wonderful upcoming year, Ryan!  Thanks for all you do!  I love you.  I still owe you a date night to the movies to celebrate.  Maybe tomorrow?  We will count it for both of our Birthdays!

Stay tune tomorrow for our trip to Minnatonka Cave! Here is a picture of our guide.  Only kidding.  But seriously,

Happy Birthday!  XOXO


  1. Hilarious picture of Ryan in that too small jacket! Loved all the action shots you got at the pool. I couldn't figure that out on my new camera. Way to stay caught up on your blog...its inspirational!

  2. Yeah, way to go Nat. And dang those dives were seriously impressive Ryan. I took a diving class in college and those are not easy dives. Anyway Happy Birthday Ryan. We love you down here in Tustin.

  3. Oh Minnetinka many memories... That jacket is HILARIOUS! Nice look Ryan!! I am digging it...maybe it was Brad's:)