Thursday, September 20, 2012

Garage Sale Party

A couple weekends ago something pretty exciting around here happened...some neighbors had the MOST amazing garage sale.  Back in California we were used to fabulous garage sales.  My MIL is the Queen of finding anything and everything at garage sales.  I always lament that the sales around here just don't compare! (And they are usually over priced!)  However, this garage sale was insane. I wish I had pictures of the actual sale. These neighbors had a whole barn FULL of great finds.  Many of which were brand new.  I was the first in the family to head over at about 6:45am.  I found a few Christmas decorations, a brand new stainless steel garage can for the know, things like that.  That was just the beginning of our many trips back to the garage sale.  

Once the kids woke up they gathered their cash and headed over to the sale with great excitement.  They all came back with some loot.  But that was not it...they went back over, and over, and over again.  :)  It was great entertainment for the weekend and worth every penny spent!  There were a few things they lugged home that I was just like, "WHAT?  Seriously?"  I told them we have to get rid of some stuff to house all the new items. I will share a few favorites...  

This was perfect.  Joshua had JUST begged me at Target to buy a new exercise ball since our last one somehow was stabbed in a violent crime.  I told him, "NO."  I just can't handle one more thing bouncing around the house right now, even though I do like these things.  Well, good thing I said no.  He found a BRAND spanking new one at the sale.  (Do you like Ryan's sexy leg in the is a good look with his gym shorts and black church socks, don't you think?)

Luke was excited about the Halloween decorations he scored and wanted to start decorating immediately.

This is a not very good picture of the best find of the day-a new bedroom set in mint condition.  It is still sitting in our living room. 

This almost wins the award for the best "find".  You are seeing right, it is a brass, life size, monkey bust.  It is HEAVY.  It now sits on Joshua's desk in his room.  So beautiful.

This was the most heavily contested item...Michael claimed he saw the Lava Lamp first,  but Joshua grabbed it.  Tears were shed.  Joshua ended up giving it to Michael for his birthday so it all ended well. 

The kids came back after one of the trips..."Look, Mom!  We got these awesome pillows!"  They even added them to the current throw pillows.  (Think "Troll" hair, you know the little ones from the 80's.  This is the same material.) Thanks, guys. I am always looking for some new pillows to update our decor!

Who knew that the boys would find TWO life-size busts to bring home.  This one of Albert Einstein is now gracing James' desk.  

New Alarm Clock

And the final purchase I would like to share is this beauty that I bought as a surprise for Michael.  It is actually a really nice wolf, if you are in to wolf decorations. 

Unfortunately, these items were not all we trucked home that beautiful first Saturday in September.  It sure did make for an exciting weekend though.  The kids all seriously had so much fun.  I had a little too much fun too (see furniture above).  I am ashamed to say that if I had had more cash I would have spent more.  There were a few more great finds, but I tried to control myself!  Seriously was the most exciting thing to happen in the neighborhood in quite a while!  Cheers to fun garage sales!

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