Monday, September 3, 2012

It was a looong week!

 Well, we survived the first week of school, and what a week it was!  I just had to throw in this picture of my cart from Sams Club. I can't believe how much money I can drop in that place.  It can be dangerous. As my kids are getting older I am definitely seeing the grocery bill go UP. I swear I go to the grocery store and in about two days, the kids are already telling me everything that we are out of.  I decided to buy pre-packaged chips this year because once a large bag is open, they are gone in about one day.  These should last me a while with the kids lunches.  I do try and pack some healthy things....but chips are usually a must!

It is nice when the girls will sleep through all the morning madness.  Annie will half the time, Sophie almost always does.  Sophie is so happy when she wakes up.  I just love it.  I wish that were the case when I woke up the boys.  Wouldn't that be nice if they would coo and giggle when they are 12 and you wake them up for school.  Why doesn't it work that way?

I think Annie had actually just woken her up.  She can't seem to resist. 

The first day of school I was trying to accomplish a million things before the kids returned home.  I figured I MUST make them homemade cookies for their first day.  (Something that somehow I created in my head as an important tradition.)  Annie thought it would be so fun to help and insisted on sugar cookies.  (I was hoping for a chocolate chip request, much faster!)  I said gave in since I knew Ryan likes sugar cookies best.

This is the recipe I always use.  It is my moms. I love it because not only do I think it taste the best (not too sweet, to balance out the sweet frosting) but it doesn't require you to chill the dough first.  I ALWAYS double it (at the least).  

 This is what happens when you decide to let the little ones help. Don't worry.  These cookies were not going out to any neighbors and yes, Sophie had just taken a bath.  

I thought I would go all Martha and make a letter for each child's name that they could decorate when they got home.  I did stars to represent being a "star student".  I thought I was being this wonderful mother, and then in walked the kids from school....

Michael: "COOKIES!?  Who in the world wants cookies when they get home from school?  We are HOT, we want something COLD."  

James: Sniffs, looks around, and basically says, "I'll pass, I am not really into those cookies."  

Joshua: (By the time he gets home he can tell I am not having the best afternoon so he tries to be a little more diplomatic.) "They look great mom, really, I love them, I am just not really in the mood for something sweet right now."  


Thank goodness I had Luke around...
 He told me his day was, "THE BEST!  Second grade is the best grade ever!" 
AND he loved the cookies.  

(Although he did tell me he likes them a tad bit softer, thanks for the tip buddy. I think he was comparing them to STORE BOUGHT cookies....I know, I don't get it either. )

Speaking of tips...I picked up a new chore chart from Staples. I love it.  It has a huge pad of these papers, and there is a magnet on the back.  We just did a big switch up with our chores at the start of the new school year, and I love a cute chart that makes it simple!

Thank goodness our first week of school was only four days long.  We had Friday off, and then Labor Day weekend to follow.  Friday morning I went on an eleven mile run. I have not trained too well, and I felt awful.  By the end I laid down in the grass and thought I would die.  Later that afternoon I just got worse. I thought it must be some sort of dehydration or something (I forgot to bring water with me).  I soon realized that while the run probably had not helped things out, I really was coming down with the flu.  Soon James, Michael, and Annie were throwing up.  Sophie and Luke also had a mild version of the sickness.  All Friday and Saturday we were DOWN AND OUT.  I couldn't believe it.  This is the FOURTH time we have had the stomach flu in our house this YEAR (as in 2012).  We were completely sick over Memorial Day Weekend, and wouldn't you know it, same with Labor Day!  I really do clean and sanitize my house...I don't know what is going on!  I am just glad it is OVER!

We had a huge rainstorm Saturday late afternoon when I was feeling super sick.  I woke up from a nap feeling much better and the sun was poking through the rain clouds....

Wish I could capture how pretty it was!  It was my little bit of "sunshine" during a yucky couple of days.  Man, I sure do appreciate good health more after being sick.   I think of those who are chronically ill, and it gives me just a taste of how brave they are.  I am such a baby.


  1. Two things came to mind reading your post...1. My Costco card looks awfully close to your except we add Oreos and about 6 jugs of milk per week! 2. Have you ever tried natural oils for the flu? I'm just beginning to learn about them since they are popular around here. We had barking coughs go through the house but one day with the oils on their feet and it turned to a mild cold. I know there is an oil named On Guard for flu-like things.

  2. So funny, Michele...we usually get Oreos too, but I lately we eat them SOOOO fast (and they are a HUGE downfall for me...I can't resist) that I have not been buying them AS much. We have to spread our milk purchases out because they don't fit in our fridge! I really like oils too. I actually have On Guard at home...I think it works really good for cough type things, and maybe even PREVENTING the flu...but it seems like once the barfing stops, nothing works. I will keep trying!