Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye, Sweet Summer

Even though we spent most of the weekend sick, we managed to salvage Monday.  The kids wanted to go to the Fair, but I knew it would be so crazy with Labor Day and all. Instead we headed down to the river here in Idaho Falls.  We started off at the playground and had a picnic lunch. 

Michael was in a major mood, and it took a while to snap him out of it.  Annie and Sophie thought they were in heaven at the park.  When we lived in California the park was three houses down and we went almost everyday.  Here we don't get to them as much as we should!  The boys got into the slides and monkey bars too...even if they were not initially as excited.  The slide in this picture is three stories high and the boys took turns taking Sophie up to the top over and over again.

It sure makes it easy having little ones with these guys around.  I just snapped pictures and watched.  (I am trying to learn how to use my camera.)

Ryan joined in on the action...

If you look extra close in this picture you might be able to see that Ryan has a new addition to his teeth, that's right...he has braces now!  (That apple took him about an hour to eat.)

James was a good sport, posing for me endlessly while I tried to figure out different settings on my camera.  (Only my mom will fully appreciate that the temple is NOT in focus in this picture!  We took a little photography class and our teacher used this as an example about five different times.)

After the park we took a walk on the greenbelt.  (It follows around the Snake River and our "Falls".) Ryan and I were actually the only ones walking as you can see. 

I always forget how much I love this part of Idaho Falls.  There were several houses across from the river for sale and I thought we should buy them.  As usual, no one else agreed.

Finally, we headed over to the Temple Grounds and Visitor's Center.  Everything was so beautiful!

I left my better camera in the car thinking we would not be able to walk on the temple grounds since the temple was closed.  I didn't realize they let you in through the visitors center.  Here's my crew...

I took a quick snap shot of the gardens for future ideas in a garden of my own someday.  This really doesn't do them justice!

On our way home we had one last VERY important stop to make.  We had to stop at the snow cone shack for our last icey of the season.  So sad.  They close after Labor Day.

This summer Annie truly "got" the glory of the snow cone and not a day went by that she did not ask for one. 

Sophie "got" it too.  She goes NUTS and starts shaking all over the minute she sets her eyes on these things.  I tried "sharing" with her and getting two spoons.  She quickly took over both spoons, shoveling her flavored ice in as fast as she could. 

Good bye, dear Tigers Blood.  Good bye, lazy summer afternoons.  Good bye eating our favorite treats on warm evenings at this dusty corner in Ammon, Idaho. 

I was seriously a little sad eating our snow cones and thinking that the closing of the snow shack means that summer is officially over.  Fall has always been my favorite, but now that I live in Idaho...I think I just appreciate the summers a tad bit more.  Everything is so beautiful when it is green.  I love the long days and how it gets dark soooo late.  And lets face it...I love summer because I am a "yellow" (remember the color chart) and I shirk any responsibility, and so I love NO SCHOOL and no schedules thrust upon me.

 September really is just about perfect here in Idaho though, so I might as well stop lamenting and enjoy it while it lasts!  (I think as I age I get more sentimental...yikes, that is a little scary.  If I am getting emotional over snow cones now, what will I be like at 70?)  Good bye, sweet summer.

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  1. I start shaking when I see snowcone shacks, just like Sophie. Seriously. And we went and got snowcones on Monday too :)