Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday, Michael!

I think this is the longest post ever...I just could not narrow it down!  I was enjoying my trip down memory lane too much, and can't believe where the time went.  As makes me want to get my pictures organized.  So many before the digital era that I need to get together, and so many that I still need to get on my computer.  Oh, well. I think that just judging by how many pictures I have here-  I found enough! 

I was happy that I have a few digitals from right after Michael was born.  (He weighed 9 lb 5 oz)  So cute!  

Michael was such a happy baby and that is why I could NOT narrow down the birthday tribute! He was always so easy take pictures of because he would smile so easily!  He just had so many happy pictures!  Here he is with Aunt Krista.  (About 3 months old)

His first birthday...(with his brothers on the left and good friends on the right). 

Still first birthday and still crawling...he walked soon after. 

Hard to believe we just had three boys. 

He was such a solid little guy, love this picture of him from the back waddling around in his church clothes.

Halloween 2004

I love this action picture of the boys running in circles around Nana's living room!  I love his face even more!

Michael loved making rows with his cars and he would do this ALL the time.

He is still particular about organizing his "things". 

 One of my all time favorite pictures...we were on vacation and couldn't find Michael.  He was hiding under the SINK in the hotel with a little treat he had found.  So funny.

 Another favorite picture of mine...We were trying to leave the beach that day.  I was WAY pregnant with Luke and couldn't carry Michael any further.  He had had enough of the beach and refused to move.  

 So many of the picture I found revolve around food.  Michael LOVED to eat when he was wouldn't know it now!  Apparently he found a watermelon here and took matters into his own hands.

Even though I have a really messy face, I sure am cute! 

 Michael holding his new brother Luke for the first time. 

 This picture of the boys cracks me up.  Michael had the funniest faces in just about every picture.  Man, these guys were SO hard to get posed for a picture.  I think we took about a million. 

2nd Birthday, not quite ready to leave the dinner table. 


Cake time...


I love sleeping babies...this picture shows how "thick" and soft Michael was.  Where did the chub go?

 Michael would always be the last one at the dinner table.  He would climb up and try to finish everything off. 

Little Michael with Uncle Michael (Bear Lake)

Again...look at his face, such joy!

Having a ball with Aunt Melanie and Uncle Dane.

Taking a spin with Papa...

More fun with Aunt Krista and Uncle Gary...

This picture was taken at the Airport.  Michael wanted to be up in the window so he could see all the airplanes coming in and out of the Airport in San Francisco.

THEE picture from Hawaii..."oops, Nana was talking on her cell phone so I was just trying out the lipstick!"

Beach in Maui

Michael went NUTS over the mango's in Hawaii.  He still loves Mangos.  He really just loves fruits of any kind, but Mango's are a favorite!

When Michael turned three he was obsessed with sharks.

I decided to cut his hair so he would look nice for his birthday party.  I got distracted and someone grabbed the clippers and shaved off a big chunk of hair right smack in the center of his head.  Luckily we had a best friend that is a barber.  He came and saved the day.

Michael got a new look for his 3rd birthday...

I have so many pictures of these two together...they are my closest in age.  It is pretty fun.

"Don't mind me, I am just relaxing on the stairs." 

He colored everything, and I mean everything!  

Michael was always wearing crazy outfits.  He loved dressing up in costumes.

Aunt Carly lived with us for a while and Michael adored her.  They had a special bond!

Reunion with Aunt Carly in Southern California...

Family Vacations can be SO exhausting! 

Another thing about Michael is that he has always been fascinated with animals.  (We even had his birthday party this weekend at guess where?  That's right, the zoo!)

He has also always loved all things military.

The summer Annie was born, James and Michael flew back to Idaho with Grandma. It was his first time away from home for that long.

Grandpa took him fishing for the first time...something he still LOVES to do!

Didn't have any digital pictures of Michael's 4th birthday, so on to number 5!

Another favorite of mine with Luke and Michael.  The two little missionaries!  I think I might have to frame this one.

Michael with Annie as a baby.

"I sure do love my Nana, she let me come to Lodi Lake and get a real fish to take home!"

Preschool Graduation

I love all creatures, big and small.

More fun with costumes...

First day of kindergarten

Happy 6th Birthday!

He loved this costume.

He has been really into making music and creating his own "band."  Here he is performing a number on the drums. 

 Birthday #7 with a favorite treat...Mentos! 

AND a gun...he loves those too.

I told you he loves the Army....

Still need to transfer all those baptism pictures from his 8th birthday.  For now, all I have is a scout picture.  Michael earned his bobcat award and is giving me the mother's pin.

It sure is great to be eight!

 I have really become the entrepreneur this year...I started by own Pet Business and was able to take car of two dogs, chickens, and a bird.  I made over $100 this summer! 

I hold frequent lemonade sales and if I am not getting enough business I go door-to-door. I also have sell used toys and at Christmas I sold Candy Canes and made over $20! 

Like I said, for Michael's 9th birthday, we had a party at the zoo.  It was a great day!

Michael, I love you!  Happy Birthday!
You are no ordinary boy and have brought so much joy to our family.  I was so happy with Michael this year on his birthday because he showed so much appreciation for everything!  I even took him to get a slushy at Sonic and he told me, "Mom, you spent too much on me, I can pay for this one."  He is a hard worker and I can always depend on him to do his chores.  He is also so great to give me massages, and play with my hair whenever I ask. He is very independent and is becoming a great little cook. I don't know what I would do without him!  I sure do love you! 

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  1. I looked at this earlier, but then my internet went out and I couldn't comment. . . on about half the pictures Kaleigh goes, "Uh-oh, he in big trouble?" The naked marker picture was definitely my favorite!