Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two Special People, One Special Day

Sorry, Papa and Danielle....you have to share this "Special" post.  December is kind of like our July...full of birthdays!  December 10th is my niece Chloe's Birthday-

Happy Birthday, Chloe!

and then the 12th is my dear cousin Rebecca's  -
Happy  Birthday, Rebecca!

And December 11th belongs to my BFF, Danielle and our dear Papa.  

Who would have known that the only picture we would have of Danielle and I together for a whole lifetime would be this picture of us the week before I had Luke.  And just for the record, that was my fattest pregnancy ever.  (I do believe there was a shot taken at her wedding that if she wants to send me a copy of, I would TOTALLY accept.) If I don't get one soon, I will have to bust out with some Leavenworth photos. 

Oh, I totally forgot about this picture we have together that Danielle posted of Facebook.  She said I was the best rabbit she has ever known.  

I have to resort to stealing pictures to post a more recent pic. Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time 17 years and pop in on Danielle and I walking to campus and say, "Hey, Danielle...this is the Ghost of Christmas Future....YOU ARE GOING TO MARRY TY MANSFIELD!!!!"  This would truly have been good tidings of great joy unto us all.  No one could be happier that Danielle married Ty than me.  I loved them both since the day I met them. I might have liked Ty a wee bit better.  Danielle was grumpy and wouldn't dance.  We were both 14.  Ty, he had me at, "Every year they throw a party here in town" in his lovely tenor voice.  (He was singing with the BYU men's chorus.)

No one knows our silly shenanigans like Danielle's sweet mother.  And Danielle's mother would testify to all the awful birthdays we have celebrated with Danielle through the years.  Phrases that come to mind are: "I don't WANT to decide where we go to eat."  "I HATE the color purple."  "I don't like movies."  "I hate teddy bear calendars, how dare you!?"  Okay, just a few things I thought of off the top of my head.  Just kidding about the awful part though, anytime with Lika is party time and we don't usually even need a birthday to celebrate.   

 I love you, Dani Girl!  Thanks for being my best friend through the years.  Seriously.  And just for the record, that is the first and last time I will ever call you Dani. 

Well, this guys is another year older and wiser too....

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Papa (and Nana, of course!) always go the extra mile to stay involved in their grandkids lives.  In this case, they went an extra 600 miles. 

We have many fun memories of relaxing on vacation with Papa. 

Papa will always be young at heart...remember when took the boys to fly through the hills of California with the windows down and the mud splashing?  (Yes, that is the inside of his car, and yes, that is mud and rain covering the kids.)  The look on their face is pure joy.  Papa knows how to have fun!

I wonder where he got it from!?  I love this picture of Papa with his "little" brothers.  

I bet Grandma is in heaven in the picture, sitting between her two favorite men... the charming Uncle Doug and her handsome son-in-law.  They give her a hard time and I think she loves it. 

Papa having fun with a dear friend. (I think they might be chatting about their hot babes back on the beach...Judy and Gayle.)

All my kids like to sit with Papa and watch movies.

When feeling sick, Papa is a natural nurse.  He will make you a potion, rub you down with just the right blend of oils, or just let you sit on his lap.  

I never got to meet Papa's Dad.  But, but I know his Mom, and she is one great lady!  I love this picture of the two of them. 

Papa and Nana, never frazzled by the chaos!  

Another favorite of mine...passing on his love of hockey to the next generation!  

The top two pictures are of Luke.  Born in California, and then a visit from Papa in Idaho.  
The bottom two are of James.  Hanging out as a toddler with Papa, and later a surprise visit in Idaho.
He is a great grandpa to the kids! It is amazing to see how the kids have changed...Papa has stayed the same. 

 Another picture of Papa, he has traveled all over the world. 

Papa and his sweetheart traveling together.

Papa has been a great dad to his four kids.  You always know that he cares and he doesn't hesitate to give hugs and compliments.  

Happy Birthday, Papa!  We love you!  Thanks for ALL that you do for us.  Even though birthdays are not "your thing" I hope you have a great one!  
(Hey, it must be the date...since both you and Danielle have that attitude! ha-ha)  

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